I Heart Conservative Ethics (Almost as Much as Conservatives Heart Uppity Women)

by matttbastard

A now-infamously short-lived Conservative candidate may be facing a REAL shit-creek legal situation (sans paddle, of course).

dBO @ Birth Pangs:

Rosamund Luke, purportedly a member of R.E.A.L. women and until a week ago Conservative candidate for the Halifax riding, may be facing a criminal investigation regarding the disappearance of funds allocated to her [organization] by Status of Women Canada, under the New™ guidelines established by the Harper government.

Ms Luke was the executive director of an organization called All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association, the beneficiary of $142,700 federal grant last March from Status of Women Canada. The funding was meant to fund a 12-month pilot project to integrate low-income immigrant women into Nova Scotia’s small business community. About $130,000. is missing, according to the two remaining board members who fired Ms Luke. The association, whose goal was to bring economic independence to immigrant women, provided financial help to only seven women. Seven women.

That total does not include Ms Luke, who may have been quite well served by her turn as director of the organization. Transparency and accountability, it’s the Conservative way of doing business.

Heh.  Indeed.

(PS–read the whole damn thing)

Related: NDP MP Peter Stoffer’s letter to Auditor General Shelia Fraser formally requesting an investigation into the circumstances of how the grant was awarded:

Tuesday 23 September 2008

Sheila Fraser, FCA
Auditor General of Canada

Office of the Auditor General of Canada
240 Sparks Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G6

Dear Ms Fraser:

I am writing to you to formally request an investigation by your office into a $142,700 grant by Status of Women Canada to a group calling itself the All Women’s Empowerment and Development Association (AWEDA).

I’m confident you are aware of recent media coverage concerning the Halifax-based organization as well as the controversy concerning its executive director Rosamond Luke and her political activities on behalf of the Conservative Party of Canada.

Most recently, today’s Halifax Chronicle Herald reports deeply worrying details about the decision by AWEDA’s board of directors to remove Ms. Luke from her position “citing accounting irregularities”.

The department’s Grant and Contribution disclosure record states that the $142,700 grant was awarded on March 2008. It also says that the project it is purposed to be in support of as follows: “This 12 month pilot project is designed to enable and integrate low-income immigrant women in Nova Scotia society through entrepreneurship, self-employment and micro enterprise projects.”

The very same Chronicle Herald article states that the doors of the program, opened near the Armdale Rotary, have now been closed – only six months into the 12 month pilot project.

I am personally supportive of the mission of the grant, and am now grievously worried that public funds approved by parliament for one purpose may have been used for a very different one. This is why I am hoping your office will take appropriate measures to ensure that this was not the case.

I look forward to hearing from you on this matter.


Peter Stoffer, MP
Sackville—Eastern Shore

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Spare Me.

by matttbastard


Sarah O. in comments over at we move to canada passes along this “explanation” from everybody’s favourite Dipper-in-name-only Peter Stoffer:

Just wanted to let you know I spoke to my MP, Peter Stoffer this afternoon. He explained why he voted for this bill, and said that his vote was consistent with his approach to private members bills (This is true – he has 38 on the go right now, for instance). However, I still strongly believe he should have made an exception to such an incendiary piece of legislation.

Stoffer puts a lot of emphasis on private members bills, and likes to send as many to committee as possible. To paraphrase to the best of my memory, he said he was aware of the concerns about this bill, and expects the committee to address these concerns, by either letting it die in committee or amending the heck out of it. And he also emphatically assured me he is pro-choice, and will continue to be.

Well, doesn’t that just warm your bleeding heart? Happy fucking International Women’s Day from Mr. Integrity. I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Also, my kingdom for some Liberals who have some principles (if not backbone) — I mean, really, is “OMG BUT WHAT ABOOT TEH DREADED SOCON RUMP?!!11” the best excuse you folks can come up with? Yeah, cos everyone knows one occasionally has to toss uppity bitches under the red and white campaign bus as a blood sacrifice to the snarling regressive hindquarters of the Liberal Party of Canada.

Bravo Darren, who, in this “Dear Jean” post explaining his reasons for leaving the Grits, hits the problem with this Parliament squarely on the head:

Who is it in the Liberal party who actually thinks that allowing Stephen Harper’s Conservatives to continue governing is good for the party? But more importantly, who is it in the Liberal party who actually thinks that allowing Stephen Harper’s Conservatives to continue governing is good for the country? If they’re as corrupt and scary as the Liberals make them out to be then it’s just as scary that the Liberals keep something like that propped up.

Please spare me the “Canadians don’t want an election” lines too. When was the last time anyone wanted an election? Do you think Canadians wanted to trudge to the polls a couple of years ago in the bitter January cold? No! But they did and they voted for change two years ago. Apparently the party is now “waiting for the perfect time” to topple this government. Is that for the best interests of the country … or the party? Hmmmm.

There are a number of great Liberals. There are some who I hope can turn the party around and help it find it’s backbone again. Those are the ones who should start speaking up and take the party over and they should do so quickly.

[…] I don’t plan to vote Conservative or NDP either. I don’t even know if I could vote Green. The truth is every single leader needs to be replaced at this point. Stephen Harper hasn’t been able to win a majority government and he’s been Leader of the Opposition or Prime Minister for almost six years!

I was patient with Stephane Dion but it’s clear it isn’t working. Jack Layton has been leader of the NDP for five years and he hasn’t exactly shown too much promise either. It’s safe to say I won’t ever vote for Gilles Duceppe or his party.

We have four grey haired guys with as much charisma as a snow shovel running the bickering show here in Canada and we wonder why we have stagnant minority governments, voter apathy and low turnout at the polls? There are record turnouts south of the border where they have a woman, a black man and a war hero running for their highest office. Ladies and gentlemen, we need new leaders to step up to the plate.

At the very least, we need a government committed to maintaining Canadian values, not one hell bent on incrementally implementing a socially regressive agenda that brazenly pisses all over everything that makes Canada Canada. And we especially need an official opposition that isn’t afraid of its own shadow.

When are the Grits going to do their fucking jobs and stop allowing this minority government to rule with impunity?

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Wanker of the Day (Bill C-484 edition)

by matttbastard


Peter “Tony Blair, Jr.” Stoffer.

Please take a moment to ask the Right Hon. Shithead from Sackville–Eastern Shore why he decided to break ranks with the Dippers and vote in favour of Ken Epp’s stealth abortion ban (h/t pogge for the link). Remember, honey trumps vinegar, even if the sweetness is laced with righteous vitriol. In other words, try to avoid unnecessary ad homs like “the Right Hon. Shithead from Sackville–Eastern Shore” in your correspondence.

Contact info:

Parliament Hill:
House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Tel: 613-995-5822

2900 Hwy #2
Fall River, N.S. B2T 1W4
Tel: 902-861-2311
Fax: 902-861-4620

Riding Association
58 Haddad Drive
Lower Sackville, NS B4C 4A5
Tel: (902) 471-7996
President: Mat Whynott

Oh, and don’t forget to ask Smilin’ Jack whatever happened to the NDP’s commitment to women’s rights and reproductive freedom, and whether Stoffer will face any consequences for breaking ranks.


There is only one party in Parliament which is steadfastly committed to women’s equality and that’s the New Democratic Party. The NDP believes that women’s equality is fundamental to this country and is committed to achieving it in every walk of life – from the makeup of the House of Commons, to pay equity, to childcare. Women make up 41% of the NDP caucus – the highest proportion of women Members of Parliament in Canadian history.

New Democrats have always stood side-by-side with women’s groups to support equality. Whether speaking out on issues like choice on abortion, breaking the silence on violence against women, electing the first female leader of a federal political party, pushing for proactive legislation on pay and employment equity or making sure that every piece of legislation is examined for its impact on women, the NDP is the party that has walked the talk when it comes to fighting for women’s equality.

So why aren’t all caucus members walking the talk, Mr Layton?

Contact info:

Parliament Hill:
634-C Centre Block, House of Commons
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6
Tel: (613) 947-0867
Fax: (613) 947-0868

221 Broadview Avenue, Suite 100
Toronto, ON M4M 2G3
Tel: (416) 405-8914
Fax: (416) 405-8918

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International Women’s Day Comes Early in Canada

by matttbastard


Bill C-484 just made it past third second reading. Thanks for proving just how committed to women you and your caucus truly are, Stephane. Way to (literally) not show up!

(How does one say “fucking wanker” au Français?)

Oh, and fuck Dipper turncoat Peter Stoffer, too:

Stoffer is a populist and has been an advocate of Third Way policies championed by Tony Blair. He is affiliated with the internal party reform group NDProgress that successfully pushed the NDP to adopt a ‘one member one vote’ system to choose its leader, and which has called for limits on union influence within the party.

New Labour North is in tha Hizzouse of Commons.

Update: More from JJ and pale.

Update 2: Pro-life C-484 opponent BlastFurnace (the Raymond Gravel of the Canuckosphere–that’s a compliment, btw) weighs in.

Update 3: And Kuri.

Update 4: Heh, Berlynn has the right idea.

Update 5: Statement from Birth Pangs.

Update 6: pretty shaved ape writes letters.

Update 7: More from April Reign, jj, Dave and Cathie from Canada.

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