The New New Civil Rights Movement

by matttbastard

Is truly inspiring to see so many conservatives take a firm stand against racism. Truly.

Update: Via Antonia, oppressed white male Bill Wolfrum is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it any more:

We must fight. Today, a white male child will be born into an oppressive society where the color of his skin will only be a great advantage, not an incomprehensibly powerful advantage. That child will see that there is now extra competition out there between himself and his dreams. That child will be born into a society that – while understanding his cultural values and belief systems – will no longer automatically fearfully submit to them. That child will be destined for a life of dreams and promises that will only very likely be fulfilled. The guarantee is now gone, and we must get it back.

As they say, read the whole damn thing.

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Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Re-Enter The Village…

by matttbastard

I know, I know–by now I shouldn’t be at all surprised at the depths the scandal-starved Beltway hack-corps will sink to.  But this has to rank as one of the more ham-fisted attempts to smear the incoming President via tenuous (read: next-to-non-existent) association:


As of 7:45 EST, AP reports that Obama’s transition office had yet to respond to the…um, well, I suppose you can’t really call them allegations, since nothing–I repeat, nothing–has been, er, y’know, alleged, merely insinuated by an outrageously misleading headline and lede.  I mean, is it really news that a prominent, long-time Democratic donor (who, as helpfully noted by AP, is now embroiled in a local small beer pay-for-play scandal in New Mexico) made a couple of donations to the Democratic Candidate for POTUS? Really, Ron?

One wonders if Obama’s press team is mulling whether it’s worth the time and effort to craft a statement that, no matter how it’s worded, will just end up being a lengthy variation on “Yeah, so?!”

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