Al Jazeera: Tribalism At Centre Of Kenya Election

by matttbastard

More on what is “predicted to be the closest contest in Kenya’s history and possibly the greatest test yet of this young, multiparty democracy” from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Dr. Wangui Wa Goro and editor Brian Kennedy, who provides an extensive round up of US and British coverage of the election. [Update: Let me echo Kennedy’s recommendation of this lengthy, utterly compelling piece by Joshua Hammer, former Africa Bureau Chief for Newsweek Magazine.]

Related: Two must-read articles published by Pambazuka News on Kenyan women and the 2007 general elections:

  • Juliana Omale-Atemi and Rosemary Okello note that “the electoral landscape mirrors that of the Kenyan society at large, a reason therefore for the struggle of women empowerment to continue after the elections.”
  • Dr. Penninah Ogada examines “the social, political and economic factors…impeding the full participation of Kenyan women in this year’s general election,” including “physical beatings and rape, abductions, and even deliberate delay and hijacking of the nomination exercises”.

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