Axes And Allies

by matttbastard

Gene of The Cylinder, bumped from comments:

I think that we’ve got to be careful here. This is absolutely not a comment to clear the RCMP of any wrongdoing. There is an urgent need to fix it. “Fix” is the operative word here.

A while ago I read a Ron [Dart] post in which he wrote about “legitimate criticisms” of the world order and I believe it applies in the current context as well: “The much more difficult question to answer is this: what is the best and wisest way to oppose such an order, and, equally important, how do we create a just and equitable world order and standards that serve a nation well?” (See also here)

I think that it may be well to keep in mind that while many of us would like to see the RCMP fixed, there are many others who would truly, really like to see the whole apparatus destroyed … to be replaced by the likes of Blackwater. Dart gets it.

JFTR, Dawg contends that he would like to see the RCMP replaced with “a new national police force, one not only sworn to uphold the law rather than break it with impunity, but under a civilian review board with the power to ensure that the oath is kept: one that can actually bring errant officers, and indeed the Commissioner if need be, to account.” To me, that can be defined as ‘fixing,’ in a “destroy in order to rebuild” sense. I still think, qua Greg Weston, that before any creative destruction takes place a public enquiry first needs to be convened post haste, if only to take full stock of just how corrupted the force has become; then we can most effectively begin mulling diagnoses (including the scorched earth option).

But I’m unsure where the likes of (eg) Terry O’Neill stand on this issue, beyond agreeing that the system is, in fact, broken.

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