Typical Vultures

by matttbastard


Elle wins the internets:

For all the people holding on to Obama’s “typical white person” comment as if it prize carrion and you are starved vultures… Stop fronting. You are not as much concerned with what that comment meant as you are:
1) glad to have an acceptable excuse for why you can’t possibly vote for him (knowing damned well you weren’t in the first place)
2) peeved (as I read over and over) that neither HRC nor McCain “could make that comment about a person of color.”
In fact, you’re so up in arms over point number two that you fail to realize that saying that reveals what kind of comment you’d like to make; that you do, indeed, have some notions about a “typical person of color.” I mean Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton wouldn’t be as upset as you predict if you said something positive about the “typical black person.”
And though it seems Obama’s comment has been taken out of context, even if he had been saying the typical white person has “racist issues”… Stop fronting. You haven’t been spouting that “I’m colorblind” line so long that even you actually believe it now, have you? You don’t believe that the vast majority of white Americans can have been born in a country founded, in part, on white supremacist ideology (ideology that has been reinforced, perpetuated, upheld, SUSTAINED!) and emerged into adulthood having neither benefited from nor internalized any of that?

h/t Melissa

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