by matttbastard

Well well — James Moore just dropped the other ‘S’ word (no, not that one) in a Newsworld propaganda exercise interview, in reference to the NDP part of the coalition troika.  First time I’ve heard ’em explicitly refer to the Dippers as ‘socialists’ throughout all this constitutional bruhaha.  The Harpercons must be very rattled to be upping the rhetorical ante like that.

Also, is it just me, or does Moore look like the sort of politico who used to enjoy wearing bow ties, but quit the habit at the urging of his image consultant:

aww, so KEWT!

Now that’s a face that screams “mommy still folds my underpants”.

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Why ‘Backlash’ Should Be Required Reading Part 2

by matttbastard


Ruth Ellis Haworth with the post of the week:

When New Democrat MP Irene Mathyssen saw that Conservative MP James Moore was looking at a photo of a bikini-clad woman while sitting in the House of Commons and noticed that the image was visible not just to members of the House but also to visitors in the gallery, she rose and made a brief, composed complaint about it. Liberal MP Karen Redmond rose and supported Mathyssen.

James Moore was outraged. Oh, not outraged that he had been caught displaying an inappropriate photo in the House of Commons. Outraged that some stupid prude of a woman would complain about it. The lowest of the low. Tarnishing the reputation of a red-blooded Canadian man. And besides, it was my girl friend. And (in perhaps the most irrelevant argument ever), my dog is in the photo too!

The men of the country crashed into the debate like the kettle drums in Beethoven’s Ninth. This was the worst form of dirty politics. A smear. Don’t old, ugly women know that young, pretty women like to appear semi-naked in photos? Doesn’t that prove that all feminism is mean-spirited, humorless prudery that must be stamped out like brush fires in August?


A disturbing theme that ran throughout the men’s attacks was that Mathyssen and Redmond should be humiliated. Like this one: “They should both have to give lap dances to Peter Milliken.” Yet another outraged male wrote, “She should be forced to stand in the House and issue an apology” (italics mine).

Another theme was that all rules against sexual harassment in the workplace should be abolished. For example: “The sensible response in the House, or any other workplace, would have been for her to avert her gaze, ignore the offending image and shut up.”

Where are Jack Layton and Stephane Dion on this issue? Neither the Liberal nor NDP party web sites mention the event, much less stand up for Matthyson or Redmond. (So much for “male feminists”.)


The tragic thing about all this is that it happened in parliament, where Canada’s laws and policies are formulated, and so it affects women and sexual harassment policies in workplaces across the country.

Precisely. You know what this boils down to? Men telling women to know their roles and shut the fuck up.

The ‘boys club’ mentality of Canadian politics has shone through the past several days, bright like a beacon. Absolutely sickens me that Ms Mathyssen was forced to fall on her sword following a wave of sophomoric ridicule from the (largely male-dominated) punditocracy, dead tree, broadcast and blogosphere–much of it occurring on December fucking 6th, for fuck’s sake!!11 Someone hand out some copies of Backlash to these ever-so-enlightened folks, stat.

Full disclosure: I am a proud constituent of Ms Mathyssen and in the past have campaigned–and consistently voted–for her. Have nothing but the utmost respect for her tireless efforts spent advocating on behalf of Canadian women’s interests as Uncle Steve and Co. slash SWC into teeny tiny little shreds. That she finally gets some attention as a result of a teapot tempest stirred up by bi-partisan neanderthals seemingly all-too-eager to score points at the expense of a prudish (Dipper) feminazi (to say nothing of all Canadian women, regardless of political affiliation) leaves me feeling like someone scraped my face with a freshly purchased cheese grater.

Let’s not mince words: Moore is a slimy, self-righteous dipshit in the Peter MacKay mold (looking at dog pics–indeed–is his puppy named Belinda?) All those commentators who so proudly let their privileged majority-culture flag fly (“huh huh we kin put teh uppity wimmins in her place AND has fun at teh Dippers’ expense–SCORE!”) can go choke on their crass lockerroom antics. In other words, take the by-now-rote “humourless feminist” routine, grease it up real good, and shove it right up your rear ends, you living, (mouth) breathing examples of why many more highly vocal women and minorities are so desperately needed in Parliament and the press gallery, ASAP.

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