2 Seemingly Trivial Things That Helped Turn Around My (Overall Not-So-Awesome) Day

by matttbastard

1. Blog For Radical Fun Day – Oct. 19th. Oh hell yeah. More details @ Tom’s place (thanks for the blogroll add, BTW! Hell, thanks to everyone who’ve shown us the love lately – we at bastard.logic love y’all right back!)

2. Northern State!!!11

(New rekkid now out on Ipecac, one of my fav labels – Mike Patton FTW!)

Sometimes the little things really do make all the difference (somewhat trite, but still, when you come this close to the verge…)

Update: Oh, and an extra-squishy *squee* for a not-at-all-trivial certain special someone from Down Under, whom I absolutely adore more and more every day (feel free to retch in comments, if the need strikes).

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