Immune Deficient Sunday

by matttbastard

Once again my body has unconditionally surrendered to illness. “Not an option”? My defeatist antibodies would argue otherwise.

In lieu of substantive posting today on the part of yours truly (substance? Ha! I’ve got your substance–and a pony–right here…), I recommend you head on over to cripchick’s place and read up on the NYU Child Study Center’s scary ransom note ad campaign, which utilizes a most unsavory metaphor in a misguided attempt to draw attention towards people living with disabilities and psychiatric disorders.

Also, be sure to check out Feminist Peace Network’s ongoing (and, as always, superlative) coverage of the KBR gang rape whitewash (corporate fucktardery at its finest); Lindsay Beyerstein looks into the connection between John Kiriakou and The Kite Runner; finally, the indomitable Melissa McEwan continues her ceaseless teaspoon-dipping with an absolutely heartbreaking-yet-unfortunately-necessary post on the cold, hard reality of rape (newsflash: it fucking happens to people).

Oh, and if, after reading all that, you’re still bored, the 2007 Canadian Blog Awards are accepting nominations; go forth, my Canuckle-headed brethren and pimp your homies. Additionally, The Lefties are being tabulated and somehow this ‘umble little blog managed to garner a last-minute nomination. Ta (and squishy hugs) to whomever gave us the nod.

Alright, that’s all I can muster–heading back to bed forthwith. Hope y’all are enjoying the weekend more than I am.


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Acceptable Victims

by matttbastard

Croghan27 @ Bread and Roses:

This has been an idea that has stayed in me [consistently] since hearing about this terrible act.

How many Iraqi children have been killed by the hoodlums of Blackwater, other ‘contractors’ and even some members of the regular armed forces? How many women raped, people maimed and humiliated in front of their loved ones?

Yet, when it happens to a pretty blonde white girl from Texas, with apparently connections to the Republican establishment – shit flows down from a great height, in the press, on TV and all over the internet.

The individual act is bad enough – but that it is only despicable when it happens to one of ‘us’ leaves me very uncomfortable.

Yup. 1 million+ corpses (not counting the countless others still living in the quagmire), the overwhelming vast majority completely nameless and faceless (if not non-existent, considering how controversial acknowledging the actual death toll is, to say nothing of admitting that–teh shocking!!1–‘our boys’ will actually treat the dehumanized as less than human). But touch one of ‘our’ (blonde-haired, blue eyed, no-doubt-patriotic Red State-residing) women and suddenly a GOP stalwart from TexasTexas–becomes a fervent anti-VAW crusader.

Yeah. Tell me another one; I think I’ve heard this story before. Shark-fu hit it hammer/nail stylez with her succinct-yet-stunning post ‘Black and Missing‘, which I believe can apply to any (dark-skinned) ‘other’, regardless of national affiliation:

I can’t help but wonder if decades of consuming their own product haven’t resulted in the media buying the notion that black people being the victims of crime isn’t news because black people are the acceptable victims of crime. [emph mine]

Related: Melissa dips her teaspoon into the same well of inspiration; pale also opens the silverware drawer.

Update: More from BJ Bjornsen and Dave @ The Beav.

Update 2: A teaspoon just isn’t enough; somebody get The Queen a bucket.

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