Stephen Harper Party Secretly Halts Detainee Transfers

by matttbastard

Well, how ’bout that–mattt speaks, Harper listens. Retroactively. Without mentioning the fact that transfers actually had ceased several months ago (and after having cast despicable aspirations on those who noted that torture was taking place on Canada’s watch).

I suppose an apology is in order.

Ok, here goes *deep breath*

I’m sorry for correctly presuming that our country really is being held hostage by a bunch of lying, willfully indifferent right-wing authoritarians. I’m sorry that our government could give a good goddamn about international law and human rights, as long as their torture-luvin’ masters down south keep handing out cookies. And I’m really sorry that the Tories reserve the right to resume transfers at any time without prior notice.

Wow. I feel purged after getting that off my chest. Uncle Steve and Co. should give it a try sometime.

Yeah, and a pony.

Impolitical nails it:

The government’s handling of this issue tells you a lot about their character. Their instinct is to deny, cover up, circle the wagons, point partisan fingers elsewhere. Then, once they’re in a pickle, reverse course only when absolutely legally necessary. Like on the eve of a court hearing.


It’s an ugly, ugly government comprised of inhuman partisans we’ve got representing us

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To Defence Minister Peter McKay, On Behalf Of Myself And All Canadians Who Dare To Show Dissent

by matttbastard


Here’s a “scurrilous” gesture for you.

Kee-hrist“un-Canadian”? My Taliban-appeasing black ass. Apparently Stockboy isn’t the only member of the Tory caucus who thinks trollspeak is an appropriate response to legitimate opposition.

h/t pogge, who is far more dignified and decorous in his response to McKay than yours truly was.

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