Obama/McCain Debate LiveTweet/Drinking Game

by matttbastard

Via my homegrrl Sylvia/M:

First Presidential Debate Drinking Game/LiveTweet TONIGHT at 9 p.m. EST!For McCain:

  • “maverick”
  • “my friends”
  • “went against my own party”

For Obama:
“reached across party lines”
“reached across the aisles”
BFP mentioned when he lulls his head around to keep from looking at the camera.
“America wants change…”

skdadl adds:

For McCain: any mention of his time as a POW.

Oh, did you know that he was a POW? Well, he was. John McCain was a POW. You can’t be reminded of that often enough…

Here are the hashtags so far:

  • #obamashot
  • #mccainshot
  • #lehrershot (“for every time Jim Lehrer says “Senator, 2 minutes”” as per NPR Politics)

Feel free to add your own shot/hashtag suggestions in comments and yours truly will update this post.

Update: Sylvia/M adds:

  • McCain reference to “change” = double shot
    Mention of “hope” = shot
    Obama’s “Now, listen…” = shot
  • References to “Main Street” = shot

Update 2: Lauren @ Feministe expands for teh mainstream:



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Elizabeth May Gets a Spot in the Debate

by matttbastard

(Image: ItzaFineDay, Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license)

So, now that the Green teapot tempest has finally subsided, does this mean we’re going to stop letting Uncle Steve and his merry band of puffin-pooping political strategists go all Rick Davis on the Canadian electoral landscape and get back to, y’know, those pesky issues?

Right, I forgot–this election is all about power grabs who can rock a sweater or cast a fishing lure with more fauxcenticity.

We’re doomed.

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Unfortunate Headline Alert

by matttbastard


Apparently the replay on CNN tonight is totally worth watching. And yes, I’m twelve years old. More *ahem* substantive (read: less juvenile) Democratic debate analysis from Josh Marshall, Greg Sargent, vastleft @ Corrente, Steve Benen and Maha.

Via Memeorandum.

Update: Oh yeah, there was a GOP debate last night as well. This is by far my favourite recounting of what went down (h/t Prole via IM).

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