“Two Hours of Obama Bashing”

by matttbastard

Hmm–sounds like Mike’s boy might be trying to opt out of his contract. Also, I don’t think Gretchen Carlson really wants to delve into the subject of double standards. She just wants to drop a retaliatory ‘n’-bomb on Obama (“OMG so not fair!!11″)

Yep, this is about as deep as the National Conversation About Race (aka “WTF Obama’s Black?!!1) gets on Fox & Friends.

More from HuffPo and Think Progress.

Update: John Amato isn’t buying Chris Wallace’s newfound journalistic ethics:

[B]eing kind of cynical about FOX, I wonder if Wallace is speaking out because he’s been crying that Obama won’t go on FNS.

Considering the positive reception Wallace’s remarks have received from the Obama campaign, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the junior senator from Illinois show up on Fox News Sunday in the near future.  Let’s just hope he considers the consequences of dealing with the devil. (Ease up, kids–that was a Marlowe reference, not Nation of Islam rhetoric.)

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