Canadian F-Word Blog Awards: Nominations are now open!

by matttbastard

Go, go, go!

Oh, and as Prole explains, there’s now an opportunity to participate in the awards, help out a deserving organization in need of financial assistance and maybe win an awesome prize:

Because feminists know that walking the walk is just as important as talking the talk, we are proud to announce the Canadian F-word Blog Awards fundraising initiative for WISE. WISE, or Wellbeing thru Inclusion Socially and Economically, is a national movement whose goals are:

  • Raising the collective voice of women who are living in poverty due to policies of exclusion;
  • Changing public understanding of poverty: from that of socioeconomic inevitability, to a condition of social and economic exclusion;
  • Encouraging community members to work with us to reduce poverty in our neighbourhoods to the benefit of all;
  • Ensuring that policymakers understand the worsening economic situation of an increasing number of Canadians to have a systemic cause, one that they can be instrumental in changing.

WISE is one of many organizations who have been mightily screwed by Canada’s Eww Government’s cruel and unnecessary cuts to the SWC, because of the need to toss some raw meat to their socially conservative, classist, anti-woman base. WISE needs your generous help more than ever to continue providing leadership, training, awareness, and advocacy for low income women across Canada.

We know that you would help women in need out of the goodness of your heart – there is no doubt about that. However, to sweeten the deal, we have added a super-fantastic raffle which will entice you to give more!
For each $10 donation to WISE – via paypal or cheque only – you will be entered into a drawing, i.e. if you donate $100, you will get 10 chances in the drawing. *Cheques must be mailed and received at WISE’s BC address no later than February 20 so that we can verify your donation.

Doubtless you’re asking yourself,”Prole, what might I win?” Well I hope you’re sitting down…

It’s a pair of fabulous, bodacious, hand-knit (by moi) Teutonic Titpillows!

teutonic titpillows

These two-of-a-kind beauties will be the talk of your town, or at least your home! Your friends will be sick with envy, and your neighbors will be scandalized! So don’t delay, get your credit card or chequebook ready and show WISE, and the world, the spirit of generosity and advocacy that makes up Canada’s feminist online community!

  • One drawing entry per $10 donation
  • Donations accepted via PayPal or cheque, payable to WISE and mailed to:

PO Box 613
Duncan BC V9L 3X9

  • Cheques MUST be received by WISE no later than February 20 if you wish to be entered into the drawing
  • Drawing held on February 24, in conjunction with the announcement of the CFWBA winners
  • Donations are not tax-deductable

Open those wallets and give ’til it hurts – your sisters deserve your help!

Click here for more on WISE’s dire financial situation. Pony up some dough and don’t forget to nominate your favourite feminist blogs!

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