PSA: The Canadian F-Word Blog Awards

by matttbastard

A Creative Revolution proudly presents The Canadian F-Word Blog Awards:

“Nominations graciously accepted from January 25 to February 8″

ETA: Much love and respect to mah home grrlz pale and Prole for taking this endeavour on.  You grrlz rock.

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The Last Word

by matttbastard

900ft Jesus + Canadian Cynic = WIN.

Update: Added to the equation: Prole, JJ, Engaged Spectator, and CC again.

Update 2: And Pretty Shaved Ape (apparently I was premature with my “last word” declaration).

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2007 Lefty Blog Award Results!

by matttbastard

Here is the Top Ten:

1. POGG’eh

2. April Reign

3. Canadian Cynic

4. Galloping Beaver

5. Sooey Says

6. Stage Left

7. Unrepentant Old Hippie

8. Liberal Catnip

9. Vanity Press

10.Red Jenny

Congratulations to everyone!

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CFLF Round Up

by matttbastard

Recent posts by yours truly exclusive to Comments From Left Field:

Also, you still have until Tuesday to help Comments From Left Field reach our goal of raising $10,000 for Fisher House in honour of Sgt. Omar Mora and Sgt. Yance T. Gray. Thanks to all who have donated and helped spread the word.

Only wish I had something more substantial to offer this evening. Hopefully young mister bastard has more mental oomph in the ‘morrow. For now, shall succumb to inertia and hopefully soon visit the realm of Morpheus.

Remember: cast your vote in the referendum on 10/10 and help make history!

Vote for MMP

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