Let’s Do the Time Warp Again

by matttbastard

Hacktacular Beltway gossip columnist Andrew Malcolm, partying like it’s 1999 (or perhaps whistling in the dark):

[Al] Gore’s said he’s done with elective office. But if he could simply talk Obama out of the job, technically there’d be no election. Just a granting. And Gore could become the first….

…white Tennessean to occupy the White House since the last one?

Recently, Gore’s been down in Georgia with his ex-boss ex-President Clinton helping to reunite the Republican Party and reelect GOP incumbent Sen. Saxby Chambliss.

Gore’s already got the Nobel and Oscar prizes and virtually every other possible prize except a couple from Cracker Jack boxes. He’s been making a ton of money with his enviro speeches and slideshows, for which he has an unusual set of contractual requirements. Plus, he already knows the White House layout. So is this one last Gore bid to be commander in chief on the cheap?

Probably not.

All right, certainly not. It might strike some as chuckle-worthy that Gore is traveling to the frigid Windy City to talk about global warming.

If by ‘some’ one means ‘Andrew Malcolm and his Class of ’00 ilk’, sure. For the rest of us who have , y’know, moved on from Bush v. Gore (and recognize that Bjorn Lumborg is full of shit)? Not so much.

Srsly. Al Gore jokes (in motherfucking 2008, motherfucker!) are the ultimate low hanging fruit, even for glib hacks in the waning twilight of their careers. But hey, whatever makes you and the rest of the Village giggle at cocktail parties (and earns Blackberry kudos from your former employer–btw, did you receive your talking points yet?)

SORE LOSERMAN!!!1one Wow. That did feel good.

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