Hey, George–Your Class Privilege is Showing.

by matttbastard

Champagne socialist George Monbiot to North American auto workers:

Drop dead.”

bfp to privileged asshole douchebags like Georgie:

Fuck you!

Related: Mitch Albom (yes, that Mitch Albom) goes off on the same “Republican nutcases” in Congress who have Georgie gushing:

In a world where banks hemorrhaged trillions in a high-priced gamble called credit derivative swaps that YOU failed to regulate, how on earth do WE need to be punished? In a bailout era where you shoveled billions, with no demands, to banks and financial firms, why do WE need to be schooled on how to run a business?

Who is more dysfunctional in business than YOU? Who blows more money? Who wastes more trillions on favors, payback and pork?

At least in the auto industry, if folks don’t like what you make, they don’t have to buy it. In government, even your worst mistakes, we have to live with.

And now Detroit should die with this?

h/t bfp

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Tony Clement Announces 3.5 Billion Dollar Automotive Bailout

by matttbastard

CTV News:

The Canadian government will provide a $3.5 billion lifeline for the Canadian auto sector, a move which aims to soften the blow of the economic downturn and preempts an American bailout plan, CTV News has learned.

The announcement follows a meeting Friday between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty in Ottawa where the two leaders hashed out a plan.

However, the fund falls short of the nearly $7 billion package which Ford, GM and Chrysler requested earlier this month.

I for one welcome our new (half-assed) socialist overlords.

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The Bottom Falls Out–Again.

by matttbastard


Dow hits 5-year low, closing below 8000 points.  Wheeeeee!

Related: Roubini: U.S. recession will be worst in 50 years (h/t Calculated Risk)

(image via The Brokers With Hands on Their Faces Blog)

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