Feeling the vibe.

by boomgate

Last weekend I trotted on on down to the High Vibes Festivals. High Vibes is a street festival that takes part in the main street of Northcote, High Street. Northcote was for a long time a working-class suburb with a large migrant population. However, as these things are want to do Northcote is becoming increasingly gentrified by the middle-class deadlocked organic tofu buying set.

WordPress, ey?

by boomgate

I’ve recently been introduced into this blogging crime fighting crew by Mr matttbastard. If all goes well I’ll be posting ye olde images in and around (also perhaps OF) my hometown, Melbourne.

That out of the way, onto the point of the rest of this entry. As I live in the Southern Hemisphere the most recent weekend was the first weekend of summer. As such a group of my friends and I decided to journey on down to Sandringham, a bayside suburb of Melbourne, to enjoy the coastline.

Here’s some images I took on my trip

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