Around the Internets

Late-night flotsam and jetsam:

Original Sin

Obama Is Wrong: Gerrymandering Isn’t to Blame for the GOP Fever

Has Obama Kept His Open-Government Pledge?

Neocons vs. Realists Is So 2008

Foucault’s Boomerang: The New Military Urbanism

Throwing Light on the Dark Side of Dorner’s Rampage

At Least 20 CIA Prisoners Still Missing

We’re All Terrorists Now

No, don’t skip the drone debate

The Art of Infinite War

Drone Wars: Tactics in Search of a Strategy

Keeping Drones in Context

Saudi Money Shaping U.S. Research

The girls are not alright

Suicide by self-immolation a rising trend in France

The Bulgarian Turn

Exit music:


One thought on “Around the Internets

  1. Now I have plenty of time to read your great collection of articles. “The girls are not alright” is a devastating story about how church and state colluded in inflicting great misery and injustice on so many girls.

    It seems the raison d’être of religion in general is to take nature out of nature, especially out of our sexual nature.


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