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Tard Super Bowl Both Teams Lose

Definitely not the Super Bowl edition (sorry kids, matttbastard don’t do football — that said, go Ravens, because fuck these guys):


Christopher Hitchens, David Irving and the Holocaust

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Happy Day-After-MBV-Day (Hmm — Must Polish My Shoes…)

Classic My Bloody Valentine to whet your appetite:

Head on over to to grab MBV, the LOOOOOOONG-awaited (and oft-delayed) follow-up to 1991’s seminal shoegazer classic, Loveless (assuming you haven’t already been sated, natch).

Observer Leader: “A radical recalibration of capitalism is essential”

The Observer (h/t):

Over the past few decades, average families have coped by more women going into employment, by working longer hours and by credit. But since 70% of the US economy is based on consumer spending, a lack of surplus cash means the engine is running out of fuel. The rich are small in number and don’t spend nearly as much as the majority. “Free” markets with the rules written by the richest result in a shrinking public sector, deregulation, unemployment, low taxes for the most affluent and the threat of globalisation, depressing wages still further. The sum impact isn’t “bad” capitalism, it is modern-day capitalism. How it changes, and how rapidly, is a challenge to its own survival. Once, the advancement of the employee was a part of the social contract. Under Thatcher, the aspiration of the average citizen was central via shareholding and home ownership. Now, a more brutal set of priorities pushes the requirements of “the little man” aside, while those who have money buy the influence that unjustly shapes the world in which we live. So how do we forge again the link between morality and the markets?

Hey, here’s a novel proposal: How about holding criminal bankers to account?

Reopening The Abortion Debate In Canada (Whether You Like It Or Not)

Abortion in Canada

Sixth Estate

I think we’re kidding ourselves if we say that the debate about abortion is now over and shouldn’t be reopened. It may have been closed in the courts since 1988. It may be closed in the Parliament insofar as there is not (currently) any debate proceeding on legislation to regulate abortion. But it is obviously not closed and done with in the public sphere. It’s silly to pretend otherwise.

O rly?

Twenty-five years after the country’s abortion law was struck down, Canadians are still divided on how – and whether – the procedure should be regulated.

But there is one area where there is widespread agreement across the political spectrum: This is not the time to re-open that debate.

That is what emerges from the results of a new [Angus Reid] poll…released [Jan. 28].


The one question in the poll that produced the most agreement was whether there was any point reopening the debate, with a solid majority, 59 per cent, saying No, compared to 30 per cent who want the discussion reopened and 11 per cent who are undecided.

Angus Reid also examined the issue based on voting preference and found that 55 per cent of Conservatives, 65 per cent of NDP backers and 66 per cent of Liberals do not want to reopen the debate.

Histrionic faith-based groups that are pathologically obsessed with clumps of cells != “the public sphere,” anymore than dead-end 9/11 Truthers or ‘Young Earth’-addled Creationists do. Besides, how exactly does one ‘debate’ those who don’t even traffic in rational argumentation to begin with?

DNFTT — especially the ones toting fetus-pr0n placards.


Harpercon Tom Flanagan Has An Animal Hide Fetish. Your Argument is Invalid.

Sabina asks:

Tom Fucking Flanagan. Why?


Answer: Because chicks [sic] dig “the full buffalo”.

No, really:

“[I]t is kind of a chick magnet. Women are drawn to the coat. They want to come up and feel the coat.”

Tom Fucking Flanagan, “icon of Canadian history,” ladies and gents.