These Are Not Your Father’s Tories. Seriously.

“I worked for (Mulroney-era environment minister) Tom McMillan, who was a very red Tory. I wrote speeches for him. We never checked his speeches with the PMO. He’d get up to answer in Question Period. He didn’t have a script for how to answer. Brian Mulroney was not telling his cabinet members what to say, syllable by syllable… . I look at Peter Kent and I think my God man you had a great reputation. You were a great journalist. You won the Robert Kennedy Prize for journalism. And you’re going to stand up in the House and read the lines?”

– Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, from an interview with Dan Gardner

2 thoughts on “These Are Not Your Father’s Tories. Seriously.

  1. Thanks for posting that, it was a very interesting interview. I am shocked and amazed by how this short interview demonstrates the degree to which political discourse had deteriorated in the past couple of decades. Who would have thought that we would one day look back at the 80s as a time of relatively coherent and respectful discourse compared to today. And, moreover, who would have thought that we would look at Ministers in the Mulroney government as pretty reasonable. The Chretien and Harper governments have really brought us to the outer edges of democracy and it is difficult to imagine how we can find our way back.


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