Fun With Infographics (Ethical Oil Edition)

Via Matt Price @ HuffPo Canada:

One thought on “Fun With Infographics (Ethical Oil Edition)

  1. Harper’s “star” Doctor candidate parachuted into Simcoe-Grey’s riding.

    The story of how the Cons parachuted “star” candidate Dr. Kellie Leitch into Helena Guergis’ old riding.

    Helena Guergis was ousted without explanation**** to make room for the doctor bought and sold.

    Dr. Kellie’s agenda given to her by Harper when she was just 14 years old? Kill Canada’s national health care for the neocons.!/permalink.php?story_fbid=198891873469825&id=292671928599


    The Cons parachuted “star” candidate Dr. Kellie Leitch into Helena Guergis’ old riding, Kellie is their puppet, her role is to privatize our national helath care system. They have been grooming her since she was 14 years old. Her dad Kit is a bigwig oil man in Alberta !!!!

    Here is a full length video of Dr. Leitch’s Ivey Centre Health Conference. It does a good job of speaking for itself, illuminating plans to privatize and commercialize our healthcare system.

    This plan has been in the works with financial backing ($5 million) from PM Harper since 2009.


    re Tory In-Out scheme

    I think I see another reason why Helena was dumped by Harper:

    snip snip: The official agent for Helena Guergis, the Ontario MP and ousted Conservative cabinet minister, also said last week..

    … Guergis’s campaign refused HarperCON in the Reform Party’s (new Conservatives) election money “transfer” – aka the In-Out scheme.


    HarperCON made up some utter b.s. so he could throw Helena Geurgis out to make room for Dr. Kellie Leitch, neocon brainwashed MP.

    Interesting how Dr. Kellie Leitch’s dad Kit Leitch was instrumental in the development of the oil sands in Alberta.

    I GUESS HER DAD Kit Leitch IS ON THE TAKE WITH THE NEOCONS. I wonder if Kit and Harper’s dad were best buds out there???–who-is-kellie-leitch


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