Etch-A-Mitt Shakes Things Up Again: Welfare Moms Better Off With “The Dignity of Work”

Via Ryan Grim (ICYMI):

Apparently Ann Romney forgot to mention to Willard that moms who don’t work outside the home do THE MOST IMPORTANT JOB IN THE WORLD!!!1 and already have ample dignity, thankyouverymuchyousupersexistsoand…

oh, wait — Mittens meant those moms — y’know, the ones who can’t afford dignity.

Sorry. They gotsta earn their Caddies (if not teh car elevators).

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2 thoughts on “Etch-A-Mitt Shakes Things Up Again: Welfare Moms Better Off With “The Dignity of Work”

  1. Don’t twist the facts Like NBC. Man! Mitt Romney was talking about Dignity of work. Not some one’s individual dignity. Most of people take welfare because there is no other option. Welfare is not a career path for them unlike some bums; well fare is a relief program until they get back in work force. There is nothing on this video says about working home moms it is about mothers on welfare.


  2. Izzat you, Hilary? Presumeably, if one is, y’know, not working, but is still raising children (much like, oh, say, Ann Romney), one is doing mucho ‘work’ inside the home. One’s overall economic circumstance is irrelevant. Weren’t you guys just making this exact point last, um, Friday?

    Apparently the Etch-A-Sketch is now a universal wingnut wank apparatus.


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