Ezra Levant Is Ethically Outraged Over Jack Layton’s Final Farewell

by matttbastard

In the midst of his double-fainting couch freakout over Jack Layton’s outrageously socialist state funeral, flesh & blood cartoon QMI columnist Ezra Levant claims the late NDP leader “clearly did not meet the standard of a state funeral” because he was “a hyper-partisan politician whose largest achievement was becoming the leader of the opposition”. According to Levant, a state funeral should be reserved for “someone whose successes transcend our national divides.”

Yeah, I mean, it’s not like Layton slew the BQ and brought Quebec back into the National political fold or anything. A possible bridge of the two solitudes? Clearly that pales in comparison to Rocket Richard’s 1337 hockey skillz.

Now, yours truly is in the midst of moving (tomorrow — eep), so, in lieu of properly laying the snarketh down on Ezra’s excremental musings, here’s an infographic outlining Layton’s considerable (or marginal, if you prefer viewing the world through Sun Meida’s [sic] Blue-tinted lens) electoral accomplishments during his tenure at the helm of the New Democratic Party of Canada:

Admittedly, none of this actually refutes Ezra’s main point, which seems to be that Layton was a partisan socialist weenie, and his partisan socialist weenie supporters misappropriated public funds to shill for partisan weenie socialism. But that’s largely because Ezra’s point is, unfortunately, inherently irrefutable — in the (dubious) sense that it is largely fallacious,  thus not a proper argument and, furthermore, impossible to counter (hacktacular!)


So, instead of wasting my (precious, rapidly dwindling) time and your (no doubt just as precious and unsustainable) time any longer, have some grossly inappropriate pontificating from “an old career NDP hack named Stephen Lewis”:

Oh, and if you have a spare fainting couch kicking around, feel free to ship it out to Calgary. Ezra thanks you in advance (just don’t use Canada Post, you partisan socialist weenie).

(Infographic courtesy the Globe & Mail)

4 thoughts on “Ezra Levant Is Ethically Outraged Over Jack Layton’s Final Farewell

  1. I think that the details of Ezra Levant’s funeral would be a good topic for a future blog posting.

    One of the musical choices could be Bob Dylan’s “Masters of War”.


  2. Some things I hate, yes, that is true,
    But only few, so very few,
    There is just one passionate hate
    Which seems to burn me through and through.
    This hate will not abate with years!
    This hate grows in my very bone,
    It often makes my spirit groan
    And fills my eyes with angry tears,
    I hate, O God, I hate a man who sneers!

    Spawn of the snarling wolf is he
    And when he sneers I always see
    Not just the sneer but from his jaws
    The sharp fangs and the drooling slime,
    A yellow heart looks through mean eyes
    That stare and blink ‘twixt flattened ears.
    Few things I hate, few I despise
    But God how I hate the man who sneers!


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