RIP Bruce McDonald, Progressive Blogger

Just heard the devastating news about the recent untimely passing of Bruce McDonald of Canuck Attitude. Brucie was a mensch, pure and simple. The fact that his passion and warmth were snuffed out by his own hand…well, I’m no mind reader, so we’ll leave aside speculation.

Right now, I’m going to post one of my favourite Warner Bros cartoon features in tribute.

And maybe a stiff drink.

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8 thoughts on “RIP Bruce McDonald, Progressive Blogger

  1. Thanks for this. We lost, I lost a dear friend. I hope to post in a day or so. A cartton is perfect and the stiff drink too! Brucie would have it no other way.


  2. This is such tragic news. I am still in shock. Like you said Matt, he was/is a mensch. Still processing…


  3. Passionate, creative spirits often dance on the edge of the murky void, taunting its existence with laughter and joy and love.

    I can only imagine the intense hopelessness that might make someone, anyone lose their balance in a moment and tumble into that void.

    Many have stared into its depths but as mattt said, none of us are mind readers or able to fathom why Bruce decided to do what some of us have also contemplated in bleak moments.

    Bruce, I will miss your exuberance, your wit and your honesty.


  4. I hope that all feel they can reach out across the Intertubes when it gets that dark deBeaxOs…….
    I mean, it is online, but we all felt that connection to Bruce. We are all feeling the same very real loss.
    Maybe we need some sort of club to haul each others asses out when it needs doing.
    I am totally serious.


  5. Thank you. He was my best friend. He was there for me through thick and thin, no matter what. I wish I could have been for him. I look forward to meeting all of you.


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