by matttbastard

Huh. Whoda thunk that one’s traffic would grind to a screeching halt (even Google-friendly Ann Coulter links) if one only posts once or twice in a single month?

Clearly this calls for more one-line squibs and embedded flash vids courtesy 3rd party sources (lazy bloggers luv ya).

Yep, in the coming weeks expect to see actual daily(ish) content being provided by your bastardly host(s? bastard.logic is a groop…?) The rumours of our death have been greatly exaggerated (even ones that yours truly may or may not have started).

Um, we realize this isn’t the first instance in which we’ve made what ultimately turned out to be ill-kept promises re: diligent updating. But this time for sure. Nothin’ up our sleeves. Presto.


Look, just RSS us up, yo — we aim to please (or, at the very least, not totally embarrass you). 

(While we gradually transition back into the circadian rhythm-disrupting routine of regular blogging, make sure to also check out two far-more realiable, bastard-approved venues, Tiger Beatdown and Questioning Transphobia.)

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