Why Does Rep. Pete Hoekstra Hate America?

by matttbastard

Shorter Pete Hoekstra: “It’s totally Obama’s fault that unsuccessful terror attack was indeed unsuccessful”:

Shame, that. Maybe one day Hoekstra’s vibrant wet dream of death and destruction will actually come true. And then Darth Cheney (who already co-owns a successful terror strike on the homeland — in your fail-tastic face, Barry!) can finally have the satisfaction of saying “I told you so.” 

PS: Bull-fucking-shit.

h/t Crooks and Liars

Update: Roy Edroso explores the right-wing blogosphere so we don’t have to (thank God!)

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2 thoughts on “Why Does Rep. Pete Hoekstra Hate America?

  1. this botched false flag fiasco has predictably devolved into the attention diverting party politics and bullshit left/right paradigms on display. the actual opportunists and perps are the gov security/military industrial complex moguls and the homeland security mechanism,who simply claim incompetence,BUT will seize this event to add yet even more layers of civil liberty stripping,invasive procedures and surveillance and restrictions to the already prison-like atmosphere of the tsa/stasi airport patrols.plus the added rationale for stepping up bombings in yemen as they had already planned and have initiated…lieberman will surely push that angle.
    why the fuck was there a guy on the plane taking video of the entire attempt as it transpired?…why hasn’t the media delved deeper into the testimony about the mystery guy in the suit at the airport who helped this lad get on board the plane without a fucking passport..while paying in cash for a one way ticket?…isn’t it interesting how pics of this dude’s burnt “explosive laced” underwear were “leaked”out in the media so quickly?…how the use of full body scanners were about to be shelved because of protests from the public, but now will be the only viable alternative to a full body search?…how this events convenient ties right to al qaeda-by their own admission,and ex guantanamo inmates and yemen being the harborer of “terror”,all bogeymen and targets who’s threats desperately needed to be reinforced to the public as of recently,with the unpopular actions in afghanistan and pakistan?…
    you step back and ask “cui bono”..who benefits from this? and it becomes so glaringly obvious.
    it’s embarrassing how obviously woven this bullshit is every time this shit happens now.it’s like clockwork,foreign/domestic policy…and folks still buy it and eat it up by either becoming more fearful or react with party finger pointing…when in actuality this was simply another annual terror reminder tool govs exploit,just like the mumbai op was.a cia informant/operative is now tied to that event.i strongly suggest you watch an older uk doc series called “the power of nightmares”.obama is continuing the fear ruse/anxiety leveraged control politics and foreign imperialism bush effectively established during his stint.obama’s a figurehead that’ll toe the same line again,but will simply look more presidential doing so.


  2. this proves the op WAS successful,matt…in terms of their intent, it seems they(the powers that be) got exactly what they were aiming for…no?

    mission accomplished…


    btw, the images these scanners output can easily be inverted in photoshop to produce a normal looking photo,since they’re basically negatives.

    so you get a nice dose of TERAhertz waves to tweak our your dna,and a scan of your bare ass for the tsa to “analyze” next time you wanna travel anywhere.

    smells like freedom hope and change.

    obama has expanded the “war”
    fightin “terror” with TERA.


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