Keeping Things in Perspective

by matttbastard

Remember: Torture (and Afghanistan in toto) isn’t about ‘us’, it’s about ‘them’:

“What disturbs me most – this story is all about Canada and Canada’s moral authority on the international stage and about which minister will have to resign. And sooner or later Canada will leave and it’s over.

I would just remind people that for Afghans it is not over. And for the Afghans who have worked closely with the Canadians up to this point, what do you think is going to happen to them when you’re gone?

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2 thoughts on “Keeping Things in Perspective

  1. Bravo. You should likely make it clear if you are talking especially about the interpreters. The Yanks have put up a shameful performance of loyalty towards their allies. We should consider ourselves ‘put on notice’ as well.


  2. The exact same thing that happens every other time.

    It’s only a win for people at the top of the influence/wealth pyramid.

    The trick in Afghanistan (it begins to look like) is that it may not end for several more decades.

    And that’s very sad for the people at the bottom.


    what do you think is going to happen to them when you’re gone?“


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