Shooting Themselves in the Foot

by matttbastard


Yesterday, the office of Public Safety Minister Peter Van Loan released the following statement, explaining why the Harpercons were blocking the release of a Canada Firearms Centre (CAFC) performance report on the Long Gun Registry:

“Canadians don’t need another report to know that the long-gun registry is very efficient at harassing law-abiding farmers and outdoors enthusiasts, while wasting billions of taxpayer dollars.”

Less than 24 hours later, veteran Parliamentary reporter Susan Delacourt of the Toronto Star has linked to the report, which reveals the dirty little secret of Canada’s oh-so controversial Long Gun Registry:

It works.

Notes Delacourt:

[The registry is] spending less, attracting more registrants and police are using the registry  more — almost 4,000 times last year. Yep, that’s an argument to kill it.

Golf claps to the spineless, craven Liberal & New Democrat MPs who allowed the Harpercons to bully them into pissing on the graves of the 14 Montreal Massacre victims (and props to the Bloc for actually doing the right thing for Canada — shocking, I know).

A rundown of the twenty turncoat cowards who felt that pandering to low-information voters trumped public safety:

  1. Mr. Malcolm Allen
    (Welland) NDP
  2. Mr. Scott Andrews
    (Avalon) Liberal
  3. Mr. Charlie Angus
    (Timmins—James Bay) NDP
  4. Ms. Niki Ashton
    (Churchill) NDP
  5. Mr. Larry Bagnell
    (Yukon) Liberal
  6. Mr. Dennis Bevington
    (Western Arctic) NDP
  7. Mr. Nathan Cullen
    (Skeena—Bulkley Valley) NDP
  8. Mr. Jean-Claude D’Amours
    (Madawaska—Restigouche) Liberal
  9. Mr. Wayne Easter
    (Malpeque) Liberal
  10. Mr. Claude Gravelle
    (Nickel Belt) NDP
  11. Mrs. Carol Hughes
    (Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing) NDP
  12. Mr. Bruce Hyer
    (Thunder Bay—Superior North) NDP
  13. Mr. Jim Maloway
    (Elmwood—Transcona) NDP
  14. Mr. Keith Martin
    (Esquimalt—Juan de Fuca) Liberal
  15. Mr. John Rafferty
    (Thunder Bay—Rainy River) NDP
  16. Mr. Anthony Rota
    (Nipissing—Timiskaming) Liberal
  17. Mr. Todd Russell
    (Labrador) Liberal
  18. Mr. Scott Simms
    (Bonavista—Gander—Grand Falls—Windsor) Liberal
  19. Mr. Peter Stoffer
    (Sackville—Eastern Shore) NDP
  20. Mr. Glenn Thibeault
    (Sudbury) NDP

And a handy-dandy directory of the MPs who comprise Canada’s 40th Parliament, including contact info — so you can either thank your local MP for standing up against gun violence, or politely tell them how you feel about them flipping the bird to the women of Canada.

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10 thoughts on “Shooting Themselves in the Foot

  1. Good post. You beat me to the Hall of Infamy. ;)
    But shouldn’t there also be a list of the so-called progressive bloggers who supported this Reform Party bill? Because I found that…if it’s possible…even more shocking…


  2. Haven’t actually followed the Canuckosphere convo re: the long gun registry. If someone (ie, you ;)) wants to compile the shit-list, I’ll be more than happy to link/add my own 2 cents worth of snark and vitriol.


  3. Well I guess you all will be putting me on the shit list even though I actually support the registry, just not in its current form. So foist me up lads. It sure would be a pity if we actually talked this one out. Black lists are so much more edifying in a democracy


  4. Would you prefer nails or ropes? Also, I recommend deep stretching before assuming the martyr pose.

    (BTW, Simon, do you know anyone who plays tiny violins? Tiny is non-negotiable.)


  5. I am sorry did I walk in on SDA session? In that case, share the nails, ropes and violins amongst yourselves while posing.


  6. Sorry to burst your bubble but violence is NOT just a women’s issue. It’s a HUMAN issue. More men are victims of violence and more men are murdered by firearms than women every single day.

    I know the Gun Control Lobby doesn’t like to teach this fact, but firearms SAVE lives too.

    Why would you want to legislate away the one tool that gives a 120lb woman a chance against a 200lb attacker? I thought you said you wanted to PREVENT violence against women, not make it easier?


  7. Hey I dislike the Cons just as much as you,indeed I understand the Cons can play politics just as well as the Libs.
    That said the long gun registry is a ridiculous waste of money and serves no purpose. Just one more example of paternalism and governments mistrust of it’s own citizens.
    Enough of the nanny state..


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