Long Gun Registry Going Down? Happy Anniversary From Canada’s 40th Parliament.

by matttbastard

Shorter 164 members of Parliament to the 14 victims of the 1989 École Polytechnique Massacre (and, by extension, every woman in Canada):

Drop dead. Again.

Via Devin Johnston, Dennis Gruending connects the blood-red dots that weave together antipathy for the gun registry and willful indifference towards deadly misogyny:

It is ironic, to say the least, that this vote occurred just a few weeks prior to the 20th anniversary of the December 6th Montreal massacre, when Marc Lepine mowed down 14 young women at Ecole Polytechnique in Montreal with a semi-automatic weapon. Although this bill will not touch the ban on handguns, it will, if it becomes law, eliminate the requirement to register the type of people-hunting firearm that Lepine used in 1989. It was that gruesome killing which prompted the then-Liberal government of Jean Chretien to pass the Firearms Act in 1995, requiring gun owners to obtain permits and to register their guns.


My experience in four election campaigns was that you got nowhere with people opposed to the gun registry if you said that the Montreal massacre was a reason why firearms should be registered. That argument left them cold. There was rarely, if ever, any acknowledgement or sympathy expressed for Marc Lepine’s victims.

Fauxggrieved rural voters > women. Duh.

The more things change…

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4 thoughts on “Long Gun Registry Going Down? Happy Anniversary From Canada’s 40th Parliament.

  1. This is just one more step in the conservative
    goal for Canada to become another state in the union.


  2. When people talk about the long gun registry,and Marc Lepine,they always seem to forget that he used a restricted weapon that was illegal for anyone except police and law enforcement to use.Shame


  3. If I want to shoot a pesty black bird in my back yard it would take up 2 or more nites of my time and approx.$ 250 in fees ,plus gun and ammo .And waiting 3 or more mnths for the paper work
    If I wanted to shoot a person it would take a couple hrs. downtown or a short talk with one of the tenants in one of the buildings I manage ,plus gun and ammo .Also I grew up in the country in a time when everyone on a farm and most in the town and villages had at least a shot gun and rifle.
    Guess what … no one was shot accidentally or on purpose ,although those so called hunters from Cities scared the hell out of us .
    Lets look at Toronto before and after the registry … oh my many more shootings after the registry . Those poor disadvantaged thugs must be too poor to register there guns !
    By the way one of the first acts of Hitler once he was in power was to enact gun control for the unthinking masses .
    So tell me how this gun registry saves lifes ?


  4. The gun registery does not save lives. Registering a gun does not make it any safer. I does not stop some malcontent from picking up a weapon of his/her choice and killing someone.
    Some of the older arguements about suicide reduction as being the main reason for the registery have also become strangely silent.

    The biggest and as far as I am concerned the best part of the whole registery was the mandatory safe storage. Lock your guns up, lock the ammo up. Hide the keys. Now remember, if someone really wants that weapon they can still get it. The work involved is extremly high and perhaps cooler heads will prevail.

    To blame the Montreal massacre on the lack of registration is patently false. A restricted weapon, that even then he should not have had access to, was used, something that no law could have changed.
    Does the registery save lives, NO, does save mandatory storage save lives, YES. Time to look at the whole law people, not just the part that makes it easy to identify people that own guns.

    just my two cents worth.


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