UWO, London Ontario Police Violently Assault Student

by matttbastard

This hits a bit too close to home — seriously:

Officials at the University of Western Ontario in London [my hometown — mb] are defending the violent arrest of a student that was captured on video and posted on YouTube.

The video, shot on Wednesday at the university’s social sciences building, shows what appears to be five campus and police officers surrounding the man and pinning him to the ground.

The officers knee and punch the student several times before they are able to restrain him.

They appear to be trying to put handcuffs on the man while repeatedly shouting, “Stop resisting!”

Elgin Austen, the head of campus police, told a news conference Thursday that by the time he arrived during the arrest, he didn’t see “anything out of order” with the level of force being applied.

“It was being conducted consistent with the Ontario Police College and the training that officers have there.”


Alt Angle:

Yeah, um if repeatedly walloping someone on the ground is “consistent with the Ontario Police College and the training that officers have there,” perhaps we need to reconsider what we are teaching our law enforcement officials. Then again, who are you gonna believe — some PR flack, or your lyin’ eyes? As Austen helpfully notes, ‘people seeing just the video alone “may not understand what the officers were actually doing.”‘

Of course, some would beg to differ with Austen’s spin objective analysis of the situation.

Over at the Law is Cool blog, former police officer Ryan Venables provides his take on whether the officers in question went too far in their brutal efforts to “restrain” 22 year old Western student Irnes Zelijkovic:

After having viewed the video, and from my experiences and past training, I see NO REASON why one of the officers applied force to the middle and upper portions of Mr. Zeljkovic’s back and neck with his asp baton.  Officers are trained to specifically NOT to use this hard impact weapon on areas where significant damage could be caused (i.e. neck, forearms, and head) because of the risk to the suspect.  While an actively resisting suspect is a very dynamic situation, in my humble opinion this exceeded the appropriate options available to this officer.

Regardless, Mr. Zeljkovic should be thankful the boys in purple and blue didn’t break out the Tasers — or accidentally discharge a firearm.

Special thanks to my buddy Albert for the heads up

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8 thoughts on “UWO, London Ontario Police Violently Assault Student

  1. Not to downplay or over-analyze the situation, but if I were a 4th year Social Sciences major and I needed a good final assignement, what better thing to do than to write it on police brutality in the wake of several other similar instances. My guess is that once he graduates he will be an advocate of or a psychologist for persons who have been subject to excessive police brutality. This guy is in his own school, writting his own resume.


  2. As you watch the video several times, you can see ernis not even moving, But all the officers just beating on him.irnes wasnt even moving or fighting back and swinging his arms,Officers are only suppose to use so much force to to keep some one at rest,I see him quite and laying there at the beginning of the rumble,This was EXTREME OVER FORCE of the beating officers,Not a good thing for the officers and security guards because i would lay heavy charges for being beaten assaulted and hurt.Hitting on the back of the neck and Lowerr back is completely a negative in court or to any lawyers,You can be paralized after this situation.Irnes Zeljkovic sue them godd !!! You could sue big time for this.


  3. Excessive use of Police Force, the kid isint even moving after a while..and for 5 officers?? This is why im a political science major..So when Im in politics, I can assure proper investagations are held regarding police brutality. This isint the first time ive seen this in London. Alot of it must go un reported. Thank God For Camera Phones..Good thing they didnt taser and kill him like what happended to the polish immigrant in Vancouvers Airport..Yes Vancouver the city that is supposed to be welcoming THE WORLD Literally to its Airport and City, Yet have to thick of an Accent, and be prepared to wait 10 hours in customs with no bathroom , food, or communication with your family while your being “Detained”. Is this CANADA?? the GREAT CANADA!!


  4. I would just like to say that this brings back horrid memories of the London Police Force, yes I was tazered in the head by this so call police group. My ex wife called in from 400 KM away stating I was armed and they sent 15 swat police to my residence. This police group kept me on tazer for 3-4 minutes (one dart just bellow my ear and one in my side), they shot me at 8 feet. After having my brain fried they did the same to me as this poor kid , put the boots to me while they cuffed me (I was hoisted off the ground by the cuffs only, helping you up after being electrocuted with 50,000 volts isnt their thing I guess). I hope that this kid sues the heck out of these guys and I would have no quam in helping him achieve this, since I was tazered I still have the burns, headaches in the left side of my brain only (not the right), my right eye is both sencitive to light and temperature, I have loss of memory and my hearing is damaged on the right side. I think they should re-think the way they take down people with the tazer, if you cant control the weapon then lets design something else. As for me out of all that ,I did my 12 months probation and the judge laughed it out of court, I could finally use a pairing knife
    again and moving from my home town and the clowns that patrol it have made me a wiser man to date. So kid if you sue them, all the power to you .


  5. Im just so sick of the london police.. bunch of drug addicts with badges.. ive been harassed and pulled over for no reason almost at least once a week by these pricks called the london police.. they honestly just need to grow up and be professional and not let there fealings come into whatever they might come across. I find with MY encounters with the london police is that they seem very uneducated and it seems like ANYONE can be a police officer now. I am not putting up with it anymore.


  6. Is this the same Ryan Venables that was charged with Assault (Assault, Cause Bodily Harm) I might add while he had a handcuffed prisoner in the back seat of his cruiser in Vaughan (York Region)… and was subsequently charged with varying offences under the Police Services Act before pleading guilty to the Assault, CBH charge and was on probation without pay for 18 months before being booted by the Police Service at some point after his Criminal conviction for assaulting a person that refused to blow?


  7. Is this the same Ryan Venables that beat up a handcuffed man when he was in the back seat of a cruiser? Odd twist to have such an opionion. lol, Venables prisoner was handcuffed when he beat the snot out of him.


  8. I have recently been bullied/attacked by a security guard for Meridian Property Management , here in London. I cannot believe what happened. I wanted to know who the guy’s lawyer was at Western,
    Police have charged me with assault with a weapon (I threw my tea in the security guards face because he was trying to dump me and my bike over.) and accusing me of unknown crimes for being out between 12 midnite and 2:00 a.m..I can’t believe . . . . my email is wmcgeorge@yahoo.ca. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    Graham McGeorge


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