Ego and Ambition: Privileges That Only White Men Are Allowed To Enjoy (Recycled Meme Edition)

by matttbastard

Shorter George Will:

“Uppity. N*gger.”

Yeah, um, 2008 called — it wants its racist dogwhistle back. For fuck’s sakes, George, put down the thesarus, stop wasting our time and Katharine Weymouth’s money and just say what you *really* mean. Oh, and you can choke on that goddamn bow-tie, too (sorry, MHL — your uncle is still tres cool).


Race Bait and Dogwhistles

Arrogant: The New Uppity

Ego and Ambition 1

Ego and Ambition 2

Ego and Ambition 3

Ego and Ambition 4

(image originally uploaded by Barack Obama, posted under a Creative Commons license.)

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