New at GlobalComment: ‘Ted Kennedy and the paradox of class’

by matttbastard

As my CFLF coblogger Kathy kindly noted over at The Moderate Voice the other day, yours truly spent most of early Wednesday AM monitoring (and tweeting) the coverage following Sen. Edward M. Kennedy’s passing. As long-promised, will post a best-of link round-up sometime soon (I know, am slacking). For now, please check out my latest @ GlobalComment, ‘Ted Kennedy and the paradox of class’:

Ted Kennedy ultimately believed his role — his responsibility — in the US Senate was to give voice to the voiceless, those who couldn’t afford to hire expensive K-Street lobby firms or embark upon expensive ad campaigns to raise public awareness. With over 300 pieces of legislation passed during his lengthy tenure in the Senate that bore his stamp in some form or fashion, it is not hyperbolic to say that Kennedy helped steer the direction of American civil society in the latter half of the 20th century. This is reflected by the broad cross-section of organizations that hailed his life and legacy upon hearing of his passing. The National Center for Transgender Equality, NARAL, the United Farm Workers and the NAACP; these disparate groups (along with countless others) all heralded the tireless social justice efforts of a man who never allowed his personal wealth to stop him from fighting to fully extend the inherent rights contained in US citizenship.

As they say, read the whole damn thing.

Also, make sure to check out Sarah’s inspiring piece @ GC on Kennedy, aptly summarized thusly in a recent tweet: “Health care. Now.”

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5 thoughts on “New at GlobalComment: ‘Ted Kennedy and the paradox of class’

  1. His role was to give a “voice to the voiceless?” Does that include Mary Jo Kopechne? Didn’t think so. Does that include Michelle Cassone and Patricia Bowman? Didn’t think so. Did that include providing an HONEST voice to SCOTUS nominee Robert Bork? Didn’t think so either.

    Good riddance to this drunkard, muderous, rapist-accomplice, degenerate piece of human garbage. We are far better for his having finally left this world.


  2. So much of his “The Dream Shall Never Die” speech is relevant now. It makes me sad that so many Americans do not know how much it was really Senator Edward Kennedy that advanced the dreams of his brothers into reality.

    I put together some of the audio of the speech, accompanied it with images and ideas that highlight some of his accomplishments, and put it into a video. The following page also has information on the 6 (of 13 or a minority) Democratic senators in the Senate Finance Committee who are holding up the Kennedy Health Care act.


  3. Thank you very much for your interest. I see that you have your own blog, Mr. Lawyer.

    Therefore, feel free to post your ponderous collection of GOP talking points and quasi-slanderous clap-trap there.

    Am under no obligation to provide free bandwidth a forum for your bullshit [there, hopefully that assuages any reflexive pedants who hate alliteration almost as much as they hate unapologetic, effective liberals].

    PS: [STILL] banned.


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