Backlash to the Future

by matttbastard

In which right-wing propaganda merchants double down on the ZOMG POTUS = SCARY NEGRO!!!1 strategy:

Yep, as far as the wingnuts are concerned, it’s 1968 to infinity, kids — the permanent campaign perverted in a manner designed to shatter post-racial dreams that would make Tricky Dick proud.

Let’s just hope the consequences of this cynical ploy don’t prove deadly.

h/t Campus Progress, video courtesy Media Matters for America

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5 thoughts on “Backlash to the Future

  1. It never fails to astonish me that they can refer to back people as angry and ignore the obvious anger that they display in an attempt to maintain their undeserved privilege. The only catch phrase missing in that little report was the term “reverse racist”, I wonder if they realize that they are playing the race card?


  2. Of course they realize. That’s what is possibly the most disgusting: they are deliberately dogwhistling a segment of the population that has, in the past, had a violent response to similar tweaking.

    I think I’d have more respect if I felt they actually believed what they are peddling. At least you get the sense that Pat Buchanan’s bile is borne of genuine conviction.


  3. What really concerns me more is whether the media reflects the thoughts of the people… or the lobbyists. Race is just today’s topic.

    Why is Fox News so popular? How much do the people who watch it believe? For example, I used to listen to Hannity on radio and found him as entertaining than Stephen Colbert, but I never took Hannity seriously (I know he’s serious).

    Can Americans make informed decisions on enhanced interrogation? Health care reform? Wall Street bailouts?

    Manipulating information is a root cause to many issues they face. It’s not a lost cause I think. The internet seems to be helping, though unevenly (e.g. two steps forward over here, one step backward over there, staggering like Cpt. Jack Sparrow).


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