Palin Resigns (ZOMG?!)

by matttbastard

Shorter: “You won’t have Palin to kick around any more!”

Yeah, yeah, I know — quitters never win.  Still, as Adele Stan warns, we (as in ‘progressives’) shouldn’t start singing the ‘na-na-na’ song just yet (h/t Jennifer Pozner):

For some reason, the very ambitious Sarah Palin finds the need to take herself out of public view. It’s hard not to speculate that there’s another shoe yet to drop. But don’t count her out; she’s as tenacious a political fighter as I’ve ever seen. She’ll no doubt put the time gained of her early exit from the governor’s mansion to good use — perhaps studying up on issues for her visits to the people of Iowa and New Hampshire.When I first speculated that she would be John McCain’s vice presidential pick, people said, Sarah who? Despite colossal missteps, she emerged from the 2008 presidential election as the darling of the Republican Party, her running mate returning to the Senate as a has-been. Mark my words: She’ll be back.

We (again, as in ‘progressives’) should remember what happened in 1968, after liberals and upper-class elites at the time had prematurely dismissed Sarah Palin’s political forefather, the man who wrote the book on exploiting class/racial grievance for electoral gain.

A book that the soon-to-be-former Governor of Alaska has studied well.

Much, much more over at Memeorandum.

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6 thoughts on “Palin Resigns (ZOMG?!)

  1. Looks like the Democrat Media Propaganda Machine won again.

    For all of those people celebrating the downfall of Good People,


    What do you plan to do when they come after you?


  2. U People R Just JAILus!

    Sarah Palin is about to BLOW UP!

    Yes, that’s right folks! We have just learned through “IS” Insider Sources, that the Prez2B is about to put her camPAIN on STEROIDs!!!! Exclamation Mark. Clap. Applause and drum rolls… puhSLeeez. “IS” has just informed us that the vivacious EX-gov is putting her Prez hopes on HGH! Her Governors Humpty!

    Yep! As we type, her “IC” Inner Circle team of “BS” Beaucratic Shakers are convening in D.C. to set the stage for the next Prez race. We went inside Studio B, The Situation Room and did a 360 and spoke with Hannity, O’Reilly, Blitzer, Donner and Prancer and it’s confirmed, her P-TEAM is on the move! P-TEAM Political Tactical Experts At Mucking are feverishly working behind the scenes prepping the shapely political virtuoso for the announcement. Word is the ticket could be:

    Palin and LIMPbaugh
    Palin and Newt GingRich
    Palin and Sanford
    Palin and SPITzer
    Palin and Hannity
    Palin and O’Reilly
    Palin and Ensign

    Although the P-TEAM is still fiercely debating whose going to be Sarah’s running mate, LIMPbaugh says he’s the best candidate for America. When GingRich asked if his past could affect the ticket, his response was, “NO!” Newt said America has forgiven and forgotten that he called it quits just like Palin. If you are a TRUE Republican, you should be Xcited!!!! Go Republicans! Go GOP Get Others Pumped! We can do this!


  3. Democrat Methods
    1 Create a Crisis, Implemet more Government so as to be able to continue the crisis.
    2 Make allegations, then investigate because of the seriousness of the allegations. Allegations do not apply to Democrats
    3 When you don’t have facts, Call people names.
    4 When the other side is obviously right, demand your right to be heard and shout them down.
    5 Make everything about “for the children.”
    6 Base your belief on “there is no doubt” or “concensus is” and ignore your personal first hand knowledge of the facts.
    7 Count on the media to keep repeating distortions or outright lies so that you can keep saying “there is no doubt.)
    8 Attack anyone that does not agree with the liberal line.

    Notes for the good democrat to ignore:
    Obama said that we would be out of Iraq by march, is implementing the Bush Plan.
    Obama has spent 4.3 trillion dollars taking over Banks, Auto manufacturers and Investment Corporations. Effectively destroying millions of retirement accounts and putting the United Auto Workers in charge of Chrysler.
    California (the home of liberalism) is 24 billion in debt.
    Forclousures are happening in Democrat run areas.
    Rich CEO’ that run companies that create jobs that pay workers that pay taxes are overpaid and evil
    TV/Movie/sports stars,and Reporters that make millions that insist that the Taxpayer pay for entitlements are good.
    Terrorists that want to kill americans are misunderstood and deserve a fair trial.
    And Finally Support our troops means to call them terrorists, rapist and murderes.


  4. Bina.
    If you can read, see above.
    Saying that I do drugs would fall under
    2. Allegations and 3. name calling.


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