RIP Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

by matttbastard

The last two childhood icons who died in close proximity to each other were Johnny Cash and John Ritter, nearly 6 years past (yes, it really has been that long since the Man in Black went to meet his beloved wife and his beloved maker–assuming one believes in romantic metaphysics, to say nothing of an afterlife period).

Now, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson, the 70s pin-up queen and the King of Pop, are gone, too.

Farrah Fawcett

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

At the forefront of Fawcett’s artistic legacy (so much more than two-dimensional ubiquity and so-called ‘jiggle TV’) is The Burning Bed, the acclaimed 1984 TV movie starring Fawcett (and directed by Robert Greenwald, now of Brave New Films) that, as Hil rightly notes, “had an enormous effect of bringing the discussion of domestic violence into the mainstream.” Fawcett’s last days were spent living with cancer in a manner that was dignified and quietly understated, even if there were some who violated her privacy with requisite post-Gawker Stalker voyeurism. It is a testament to her character that Fawcett had more than enough strength left to defiantly reject (and, later, reappropriate on her own terms) the public’s asserted right to claim collective ownership of her life (and death), regardless of ‘celebrity’ status.

Michael Jackson

As for Jackson, he spent the past two decades as the punchline to an overutilized joke that really, really isn’t at all funny (and will likely spend the next few days as posthumous fodder for gossip-mongers using his still-warm body as fertilizer to sprout page views and newsstand sales). So I hope you will all excuse me if I instead choose to look back at Michael Jackson as he was before the tabloids claimed him as their patron saint, before the ugly truth eventually became stranger than even the most gonzo fiction.

Because if you’re my age and this:

doesn’t make you remember what it felt like to wear one glove to school for the first time; to lobby your parents in vocal futility for one of those red leather jackets that were just so fucking cool; to keep trying to perfect the Moonwalk in the vain hope of one day nailing it the way MJ did at Motown 25, well, you fall into that all-too-overpopulated category of hollow fucks with no goddamn soul worth saving.

And if this:

doesn’t make you get the fuck up right now and shake your ass, you’d better check your fucking pulse.

More on MJ from Nat, Sarah, Renee and Trend.

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9 thoughts on “RIP Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson

  1. I do not feel the need to dance. Sorry. LOL

    But I do remember when Thriller was released, and how much I adored that video.

    As for Farrah, she was one of the bravest artists I can name. As a matter of fact.



  2. Despite Cash being dead for years, he still managed to convince YouTube to bug me for using part of a song of his in a video of mine. Eddie Rabbit did too. Those darn dead musicians are a pain.


  3. Saskboy: Yes, the loss hurts a lot.

    I regret the loss of the King of Pop Michael Jackson! I hope he gets where he is now, finally in peace.
    Leave also your last greeting at Michael Jackson on our site, thanks.
    a big and now sad fan, from germany


  4. Michael will be missed greatly. We admired all of his work, especially his books on beer that we educated ourselves with, his television appearances, and his love for our favorite beverage — BEER. Thank you Michael for all of your contributions to the world of Craft Beers, Microbrews, and Brewmania. Rest in peace, and hope you’re enjoying the beer over there!


  5. Farrah was a hard worker, it’s too bad she was used so harshly in the medical industry to try and save her from her cancer. They wasted away her hard earned money, and literally killed her with the chemotherapy. From one cancer survivor to a murdered cancer patient, I commend you Farrah. Ride high, but please have a seat. We will miss seeing your beautiful face. I love you Farrah, even thought I’ve never met you. Tell Jesus I said hello, he loves you soooo much! Love, Katalena


  6. that little pedophile being adored, because he had talent 2 do something very well’ human’s, had better come back 2 reality, 2 worship a molester of innocent children because he had fame and rich’es and also the children’s idiot conniving parent’s, they should have been taken 2 court for parental abuse. but when u do not love your children they just sacrifical lamp’s, it’s a sad time 4 human’s.


  7. poor farrah’ 2 die on such an ingorious day, she will alway’s b remembered most 4 her outer beauty, but she was a brave lady who gave it her all in fighting this most dreaded disease’ we lost a human life that bared her soul may she rest in pease eternally . rest dear Farrah 4 u have earned peace and tranquility


  8. ‘Man in the mirror’
    I cry when I think of him
    But why do I still turn back?
    I know it will hurt, but why do I keep coming back?
    A tear drop falls. Maybe there is something I’m supposed to learn.
    A man who changed the world, who changed people.
    But now he’s dead…
    And yet, I’m sure there’s something strange about this all.
    Some connection, some truth to be discovered, some story left untold
    He had a heart of gold, and yet it melted each time he was alone.
    He needed someone to love him-
    I guess he never really realized just how many people loved him.
    Or maybe he was lonely for a soulmate; his perfect match.
    He had his heart broken many times, I guess in the end he just gave up.
    And yet why did he come back? His children?
    He was right about something that I’m sure everyone believed at one time or another
    Children are innocent, children are special, children are magical.
    I guess he just started out different from most of us.
    He began as an child with an old spirit but died with a heart of gold, innocence, magic, and love.
    But why did it have to happen now? I guess there’s a time for everyone. But still…
    I wasn’t ready, his fans weren’t ready, his children weren’t ready, (and I’m sure) he wasn’t ready.
    Why’d it have to happen like this? A stab in the heart- dead center that knocked my breath out and took my mind away- made me realize just how precious and short life can be.
    All I recall is being in complete shock the first time I heard; in denial.
    And then, later, it hit me like a storm. It took me a long time to get over it… and I don’t think I am yet either. It still shocks me. Every time I hear something about him or read something about it, it still manages to shock me.
    Why is a question I continuously ask myself. And I still don’t understand. But I’m sure I will soon.

    Goodbye Michael,
    I wish it never had to end… but it’s not our choice. We’ll miss you- and I know I’ll never forget. At least I have something to jog my memory every time I may lose you. The one thing you left behind that was meant for the whole world. Your music. Maybe now people will leave you alone. And yet be there for you… Your music was the key wasn’t it? It hid all the things you were truly feeling inside- the man behind the mask- the man in the mirror. You let all your feelings out through your music. More people should be like you- and yet different in their own ways. I guess that’s why the lyrics of those amazing songs of yours held so much passion, so much love, so much emotion. You were sharing your emotions with the world and so the special people felt your pain. Your fans. Me. Heaven- I think it’s the place where you’ll find your childhood. And yet maybe you had one near the end. I myself never really had a childhood, but I did get a chance to play with kids and do silly things, but I kind of was born like you… I grew young but was born old. Today I am still amazed by you, the way it all so perfectly fit together, how you changed people’s lives, the misunderstanding among certain people… I am a child all the time. Just like you. I have a very good imagination and also hope to follow in your footsteps- just in my own way… maybe one day I’ll meet you. I hope I do. I’ll never forget you…


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