Read This Now: Liberal Follies

by matttbastard

Thomas Walkom asks a question that’s been on the lips of many Canadians as Iggy and Steve thumb-wrestle over the reins of Parliament: “Who are these ludicrous Liberals? And what exactly is it that they want?”

They say they’d handle the recession differently. But they rarely say how. And when points of difference do emerge – such as the handling of employment insurance – they invariably backtrack.

For the Liberals, the time is never right. They come up with endless excuses for never forcing an election on the minority Harper government: They don’t have enough money; they don’t have enough candidates; their leader is too new; the polls are inauspicious; the weather is too warm; the weather is too cold

In the spring, they say wait until fall. In the fall, they say wait until spring.

When Stéphane Dion was their leader, they blamed him for everything. But at least Dion, with his plan to replace income with carbon taxes, gave some hint as to what he might do if elected.

By contrast, current Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is terminally vague. On the big economic questions, he attacks the government without saying what he’d do differently.

Ignatieff presents this as an asset, arguing that the point of being in opposition is to oppose. But in the context of the worst recession since the 1930s, his failure to articulate a clear alternative simply leaves the rest of us confused.

As they say, read the whole damn thing.

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6 thoughts on “Read This Now: Liberal Follies

  1. “A pox on both their houses” is what I always find myself ending up thinking.

    As Butch and Sundance used to say, “Who ARE those guys?”

    Thanks for putting the argument so succinctly.


    For the Liberals, the time is never right.


  2. Tom rocks.

    Too bad Antonia doesn’t rock anymore, what with her preoccupation with her thighs and her pention.


  3. If the human rights of half the world’s population is not worthy of your attention Ti-Guy, you can va te faire foutre!

    (Does that answer your question, Mattt?)


  4. It certainly does, A. Feel free to take a long walk off a short Hamilton Bay pier, Ti-Guy. bastard.logic is a misogyny-free zone. Ergo, folks such as yourself who apparently fear/loathe teh wimminz aren’t welcome.

    Please don’t post here again.


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