The Agony and the Ecstasy

by matttbastard

'Imported.' That just about says it all, huh?

Michael Ignatieff on CBC Radio One just a few moments ago:

“I’m a centrist. A pragmatic centrist.”

Come on, be honest, Iggy.  You’re a self-absorbed wanker who perpetually preens and postures, melodramatically agonizing over the moral implications of just how prime-ministerial you looked during Question Period (yep–so passionately Canadian he bleeds maple syrup, motherfuckers!) Which, admittedly, is a welcome improvement over the (highly public) moral agony you went through several years ago when you urgently debated the merits of torture, thus helping to legitimize the perverse notion that there even WAS any ‘debate’ over torture and its (dubious) merits.


Yeah, am sure KSM has thanked you for that–at least 183 times.

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5 thoughts on “The Agony and the Ecstasy

  1. I heard that interview ….. Enright did ask the hard questions – then allowed Iggy to get away with the most outrageously self-serving answers ever to grace the CBC.

    After he quipped: “Sometimes you have to say, ‘I was just wrong.'” – the appropriate question would be …. “Which time – Iraq? Torture? Supporting Harper” just to begin.

    “I am just interested in making this Parliament work.” … this translates into enabling. The unsaid clause here is: “I support him anyway.”


  2. It was hard to suppress my gag reflex listening to Ignatieff this morning. His “patriotism” babble and finding “home” sounded bogus to me. He just smacks of privilege no matter what he says.


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