Kansas Middle School Displays Student-Made “KKK Board Game” During Open House

by matttbastard



A KKK Board Game. Proudly on display at a Kansas middle school open house. In 2009.


Yes, seriously–a KKK board game:

Er, huwhut?!

Clean your...wha?!

Ok, that's just straight up motherfucking DOIN IT RONG!

Oh, and just to fully complete the cycle of racefail, meet the motherfucking asstacular principal of the motherfucking school:

Andover Middle School principal Brett White said today that a seventh-grade student who created a board game based on the Ku Klux Klan as part of a class assignment was not trying to be offensive.

Kevin Myles of the Witchita NAACP Blog nails it:

Given that this was a middle school, you could surmise that the student who created the “game” was probably between 12 and 14. So while it is distrurbing that he or she may have thought this appropriate, the problem is not the student, the failure clearly rests with the school. They should have challenged the students thinking, they should have corrected him or her and explained why this was inappropriate, they should have taken advantage of that “teachable moment” and helped the student understand the real lessons of history.  But to the contrary, they chose to reinforce the students cultural and historical myopia by displaying the “game” at a public forum, an Open House, to be ‘appreciated’ as something representative of their body of work.

And simultaneously reinforced deep-seated cultural stereotypes about endemic racial injustice in rural communities.

Way to be, folks!

h/t Sassywho via email

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6 thoughts on “Kansas Middle School Displays Student-Made “KKK Board Game” During Open House

  1. Give me a break. The student was most likely trying to be offensive, if for no other reason than to laugh at the “clueless” teacher. The teacher, the principal, and the parents who watched this student make this monstrosity are all colluders in the continued racism that is constantly brushed off in this country.

    Great post.


  2. Reminds me of the board game Kathleen Sebelius’ (Obama nominee for Secretary of Health and Human Services) son made called “Don’t Drop The Soap”. The point of the board game was to avoid being raped or killed in prison. Sebelius defended her son’s creation as just being a joke. Sebelius being the governor of Kansas just proves there is something very strange going on there.



  3. It’s clear this was meant to shock and offend and cause the school to go apoplectic. It looks like something done between classes on the back of a pizza box with a scrounged up sharpie. There should have been a quiet and serious conversation with the parents and the game should have been hidden from display on back to school night at the very least because it’s a less than half-a**ed job. A game about unicorns with this much effort and artistry would have been hidden away.


  4. reminds me of the bit in “Ghost World” where wossname “borrows” a racist vintage ad from her friend’s collection for her art class show.


  5. Hi. I’m a student at Andover High School and I also attended Andover Middle School. I do not personally know this student however i do know the teacher and most of the faculty and the board. I do believe this assignment was a bad idea because it should have been recognized that it could potentially be offensive and undecent. However, its not the students fault. Yes he wrote these horrible things and yes he created the game but you have to understand they had been reading books about racism in the 1930’s. I read these books and so i know that they put emphasis on the horrible things that were done to african americans during the time. This student was probably taking these ideas straight from a book like most students who need an easy A they don’t think of the ideas themselves. And as for the comment about how the board game looked half-a**ed. I don’t know if people realize this but not everyone in Andover is wealthy and our teachers actually encourage us not to go out and spend a ton of money. They encourage us to use what we have around the house. Andover has been given a lable long before this board game and we are called rich, racist, and stuck up. I would just like to say that most of us that go to Andover have lived in different states and many of us attended Wichita Schools for elementary and middle school. Our faculty has also had experience in more diverse school systems. Just because a majority of the students are white does not mean we are racist and i honestly believe this has been taken out of hand. The family should have went to the board of education first and if nothing was done to investigate the matter then they should have gone to the NAACP but it seems to me that they were just looking for a reason to start a problem and get someone in trouble.


  6. i completely agree with ariana and what was said in her comment this was blown way out of hand by a few people looking to make something out of nothing so they could feel important


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