Dear Politico

Is it really a ‘slam’ if the new administration (new administration!) has simply offered an honest account of how the previous administration (previous administration!) conducted itself during Katrina?

Ok, given your status as “ground zero for inside-the-beltway conventional wisdom,” as Howard Weaver put it, I suppose a superficial, conflict-pimping relay of the new approach towards NOLA being proposed by the Obama team is to be expected (to say nothing of the subsequent frothing gumbo of fauxtrage bubbling in the lunatic wing of the blogosphere).  Still, one would hope that one of the greatest disasters  in the history of the union to ever hit the US would warrant a more responsible treatment from the Fourth Estate, regardless of how much time has passed.

Yeah, I know — the pony is already in the mail.

With that said, I must admit that this kind of strained attempt to gin up a transition mini-scandal is a welcome change from the Whitewater 2.0 bollocks y’all tried hitching to the already-antiquated Blagobamarahmbogate nontroversy. If there’s one thing Washington definitely needs, it’s yet another beltway media outlet trying to carve a market niche as a (slightly) less-specious Capitol Hill Blue. Please, keep up the, um, good work.

wishing you hope in this era of commodified ‘change’,


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3 thoughts on “Dear Politico

  1. Am I missing something? The report was produced by an all-Republican committee in the House. The White House investigation hasn’t been completed yet. So…how is an all-Republican House committee report the fault of the new one-day-old White House admin?


  2. That report lies in the middle that Politico excluded while erecting their false binary construct–implying (again, by virtue of exclusion, deliberate or otherwise) that the Obama White House has made what amounts to a baseless assertion with regards to how the Bush admin responded to Katrina, then contrasting that with a reference to the latter-day PR effort by Bush to revise his NOLA history.

    In other words, the usual lazy-assed beltway stenography emanating from “ground zero for inside-the-beltway conventional wisdom.”


  3. The “Politico” crowd lost credibility with me soon after they were launched. Their inaccuracies got to be a bit much.

    These days I put zero reliance on anything they report or any words of wisdom spewing from their “expert’s” mouths . . . .


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