‘I think so.’

by matttbastard

Again with the 'Saddam = Bin Laden's BFF' bullshit, Dick? Sigh...

No, Mr. Vice-President, I think not.


(Full Newshour interview transcript here. Make sure to have a bottle of Tums and a couple of Valium’s handy–it makes for a simulateously nauseating and infuriating read.  5 more days…)

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4 thoughts on “‘I think so.’

  1. Sometimes I think Cheney is just evil. Other times I think that he may be straight out of his tree. This interview supports the latter conclusion.


  2. I vote for Evil.

    He knows exactly what he’s done — he’s done it all for money & power and he seriously doesn’t give a shit. He got his, that’s what counts.



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