Everything to Everyone

by matttbastard

I realize that in today’s struggling dead tree media market you gotta do what you can to pop flagging newsstand sales. Still, I think the fine folks at Ms. might be just slightly reaching here:


As Liss (h/t) notes:

That Obama has not regularly and unapologetically identified himself as a feminist makes this image problematic—as does the reality that, while Obama is clearly better on women’s issues than the retrofuck lunkhead and his band of misogybag miscreants who’ve been leading the country the last eight years, he’s not been what might fairly be deemed a leader on feminist issues.

Something tells me that as long as Obama’s image remains untarnished we’ll continue to see it opportunistically appropriated [link added — h/t Sarah in comments] by those looking to profit from projected idealism–regardless of pesky considerations such as, er, his actual record and/or opinions.

On that note, am quite eager to see how the first annual American Renaissance swimsuit issue, featuring Obama on the cover in Stars ‘n’ Bars board shorts, turns out.

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3 thoughts on “Everything to Everyone

  1. Y’know, if you were an early activist in the women’s lib movement in Canada in the late sixties, early seventies, Ms. magazine just never was one of your touchstones.

    I respect Steinem and some of her writers for what they managed to do as crossover voices, but really, they did that because they knew that North America is Disneyland culturally, and if you want to get the numbers, you have to play that game.

    I’ve never bought an issue of Ms., and after forty years, I don’t think I’m going to start now. Feminism lives somewhere else, quite a lot of somewhere elses.


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