I don’t think wingnuts should be anywhere allowed blog.

by matttbastard

DRJ, squatting at Patterico’s pad, plops out this wet, stinky turd-like nugget of what passes for insight deep in the bowels of Outer Wingnuttia, regarding Joe the Plumber War Correspondent’s recent, um, statement on the SCLM and its uber-treasonous war coverage:

I know this drives liberals crazy — they think we’re rednecks. Maybe we are but I love this guy.

No, we actually think you’re an idiot.  The fact that you unabashedly “love this guy” (and have apparently deluded yourself into believing that the Left is collectively pissing its Chinos over the subliterate fauxpulist wisdom of Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher) perfectly illustrates precisely why we think you’re an idiot–and why you and your fellow travellers are all now irrelevant.

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3 thoughts on “I don’t think wingnuts should be anywhere allowed blog.

  1. See, this is where people like DRJ get it wrong: guys like Joe do not drive liberals crazy. I do not give a crap about Joe except to find him mildly funny. What is irritating is that the corporate media seem to think that people like him — who despise their very existence and have never had an actual idea in their lives — are worth giving publicity.


  2. Johnny–Joe began his little tantrum about the traitorous press corps thusly:

    I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think journalists should be anywhere allowed war.

    All your base are belong to Joe.


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