All We Are Saying…

by matttbastard

The Beeb reports on  Today’s pro-Israel PR stunt “peace rally” in London:

Organisers said they wanted people in Gaza and Israel to live in peace, but argued that Palestinians must accept some responsibility for the conflict.

Demonstrators told the BBC they felt the rocket hits and losses Israel had suffered had been downplayed.

Chief Rabbi Dr Sir Jonathan Sacks said he wanted Hamas to “say yes to peace”.


Rabbi Sacks told the crowd: “All it took to avoid this suffering was for Hamas to stop firing rockets on Israeli citizens.


Henry Grunwald, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, addressed the crowd saying: “We are here because we believe in peace, because we believe in life, and because we want peace in life.

“The events of the past two weeks have not been a war on the people of Gaza but war on the people using them as human shields.”

Shorter Sacks and Grunwald:

“Hey, Gazans — stop hitting yourselves!”

Christ on a cockney wideboy.  Orwell himself couldn’t have envisioned a more warped event in his wildest dreams.  Maybe up really is down.

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5 thoughts on “All We Are Saying…

  1. A nice round-up of yesterday’s worldwide demonstrations here:

    Gene, I had heard that there were some 200,000 protesters in London and went to the BBC news feed to catch the details. The only related story they had was of some small community protest with only a couple of hundred in attendance.

    Here it is:

    Gaza protest march through city
    Deomnstrators in Southampton
    Demonstrators called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza

    How ridiculous is that! Nothing about the hundreds of thousands in London?

    On a more positive note, here is what I would call a hard hitting interview:

    Bravo Mark Thompson!


  2. It seems that there is quite the social solidarity movement building in support of the people of Gaza, a kind of mobilization on a scale that I haven’t seen before (or at least in recent memory) re: Palestine.

    I hope that this sets the stage for a larger worldwide campaign focused on ending the Israeli occupation/blockade/settlements etc., and not just a one-off affair. After the street protests, we need to turn our attention to challenging the power structures and prevailing ideologies that currently inhabit Washington, Ottawa, and Tel Aviv.

    That, unfortunately, is a much longer and more rigorously complicated action.


  3. Things like this are why I have the BBC’s feed bookmarked under the name “Bully-Boy Channel”…


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