US Job Losses in 2008 Highest Since 1945

by matttbastard


My apologies for being so late noting this–congratulations are owed to our southerly neighbours for their latest dubious economic milestone. Our paltry 34,000 jobs lost in December pale in comparison to your staggering 524,000 (524,000!), let alone the 2.5 million (2.5 million!) over the course of 2008. Rest assured that, as per our recently-resigned-to-reality Minister of Finance and Prime Minister, we’ll be doing our goddamndest in 2009 to catch up with the good ol’ US of A.

So don’t get too cocky, Uncle Sam — The Beaver is on the rise! (or the decline, if you will.)

Ok, all snark aside, with the US shedding over one million (one million!) jobs in the final two months of 2008 alone, one really, really hopes that, contra John Judis, Obama does, in fact, fully appreciate the enormity of the global economic crisis he will inherit from the outgoing administration.

Because we’ve yet to even come close to hitting bedrock.

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2 thoughts on “US Job Losses in 2008 Highest Since 1945

  1. Working people on the street, but M.D.s want a little help. . .

    Will Congress bailout plastic surgeons next?

    Examine the wrinkles in the shrinking cosmetic surgery biz!



  2. The thunder is getting closer and we can see the lightning on the horizon…

    100 000 jobs, half of which probably went while Parliament was locked up… this is a toughy for the Tories, pretty difficult to come out ahead of public opinion with stats like that – even if you have a warchest as big as Napoleon’s…


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