Words Fail.

by matttbastard

Kee-hrist.  First Joe the War Correspondent and now a proposed pr0n industry bailout. Today is the day The Onion got diced by reality.

Ripley @ Whiskey Fire sums up ‘Joe goes to Israel‘:

Leave it to the nutless wonders of PJTV to glom onto some pseudo-celebrity du jour whose claim to fame is being schooled on the finer points of tax policy, on video, by Presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

And Michael Goldfarb says there’s no conservative equivalent to TPM. Pshh. Wev.

As for the jimmy-hat-in-hand routine from Larry Flynt and co., Thoreau points out that, unlike certain other recent recipients of federal aid, Flynt is actually, um, good at what he does:

[Flynt’s] actually still turning a profit, but, hey, every other asshole out there is hustling for a bailout, so why not join and hopefully get people pissed off about the bailout? I’d just like to note that turning a profit makes Flynt a far better capitalist than anybody at AIG, Goldman Sachs, Wachovia, Ford, GM, Chrysler, or most of the major airlines. Yes, I’m sure that his industry is the recipient of public-sector favors like every other industry out there, but there are relative degrees of favor and benefit, and at the end of the day Flynt manages to make a profit while so many others don’t. That has to count for something.

Heh. Indeed.

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