Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Re-Enter The Village…

by matttbastard

I know, I know–by now I shouldn’t be at all surprised at the depths the scandal-starved Beltway hack-corps will sink to.  But this has to rank as one of the more ham-fisted attempts to smear the incoming President via tenuous (read: next-to-non-existent) association:


As of 7:45 EST, AP reports that Obama’s transition office had yet to respond to the…um, well, I suppose you can’t really call them allegations, since nothing–I repeat, nothing–has been, er, y’know, alleged, merely insinuated by an outrageously misleading headline and lede.  I mean, is it really news that a prominent, long-time Democratic donor (who, as helpfully noted by AP, is now embroiled in a local small beer pay-for-play scandal in New Mexico) made a couple of donations to the Democratic Candidate for POTUS? Really, Ron?

One wonders if Obama’s press team is mulling whether it’s worth the time and effort to craft a statement that, no matter how it’s worded, will just end up being a lengthy variation on “Yeah, so?!”

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