A Violent Collision Between Rhetoric and Reality

by matttbastard

(video courtesy CSPANJunkie)

Apparently Rafah-based freelance journalist and teacher Fida Qishta was otherwise occupied and didn’t get Secretary Rice’s helpful reminder re: ‘responsibility’ before filing the following dispatch to the Graun:

I wake up at 7am after an Israeli F-16 attack. Our house is shaking. We all try to imagine what has happened, but we want to at least know where the attack was. It is so scary. We try to open the main door to our flat, but it’s stuck shut after the attack. I have to climb out of the window to leave the house. I am shocked when I find out our neighbour’s pharmacy was the target. It is just 60 metres from our house. They targeted a pharmacy. I still can’t believe it.


The Israeli army is destroying the tunnels that go from Rafah into Egypt. For the past year and a half the Israeli government has intensified the economic blockade of Gaza by closing all the border crossings that allow aid and essential supplies to reach Palestinians in Gaza. This forced Palestinians to dig tunnels to Egypt to survive. From our house we can hear the explosions and the house is shaking.At night we can’t go out. No one goes out. If you go out you will risk your life. You don’t know where the bombs will fall. My mother is so sad. She watches me writing my reports and says: “Fida, will it make any difference?”

Before the attack started we got some food aid from the EU. It’s not much, but it’s enough, we’re not starving. But some of our friends have nothing. My mum warns me: “Fida, don’t leave the house, it’s too dangerous outside.” Then she goes out to share our food with the neighbours who have nothing.

Just  remember: it’s actually Hamas (and only Hamas) that has, in the words of Secretary Rice, “held the people of Gaza hostage”.

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6 thoughts on “A Violent Collision Between Rhetoric and Reality

  1. So many lies in that statement of Condi’s, but a coup? What bricklefritzen coup? Hamas is the elected government, you liar liar pants on fire.

    Why does Condi hate Americans? She obviously wouldn’t tell such lies openly unless she believed Americans are too stupid to notice.


  2. When did the economic blockade start? A year and a half ago? Do you remember what else happened around that time?

    Do you not see the correlation between the Hamas coup d’état in Gaza and its resistance to accept the international quartet’s demands and the blockade?

    Hamas refuses to accept Israel’s right to exist, and starts building a military to fulfill its illegitimate goals, and Israel is supposed to keep financing that? Do you take Israel to be fools?

    The end of the economic blockade has always had a diplomatic route; accept the quartet demands, which are basic and are written in the Palestinian Authority’s constitution. So long as Hamas is a resistance movement which does not reject violence, it will not be allowed to amass finance. So long as it is the sole authority in Gaza, no financial aid will enter Gaza.

    I.E. If you want the economic blockade to end, and Hamas is unwilling to change, then remove them from power. It’s a simple equation with a very pragmatic solution.


  3. If the situation were that simple, then why are we still having this discussion, 40 years down the road? Don’t answer that. Apparently all the Middle East crisis needed was a healthy dose of telecart’s simple-minded “pragmatism” to discover the (final) solution to the Palestinian problem.

    The banality of evil, unwittingly encapsulated in a single revisionist (and highly obtuse) blog comment.


  4. Revisionist? Elaborate where I diverged from commonly accepted history or recede your comment.

    Did Hamas not take over Gaza by force? Did the economic blockade not only start after the coup? Did the quartet not repeatedly confirm its demands from Hamas that would in return end the financial blockade? Did Hamas ever accept the qaurtet’s demands?


  5. Did Hamas not take over Gaza by force?

    Did Hamas not, um, win an election in 2006?

    Did the economic blockade not only start after the coup?

    Is collective punishment not a violation of international law? Are the rest of your question-begging contentions thus irrelevant (not to mention undistilled pro-Israeli spin copied nearly verbatim from IDF talking points)?

    Are you an overly-verbose Israel Uber Alles troll who is now banned?

    Survey says: hit the bricks, assberet.


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