I Think We Have An Emergency

by matttbastard

image management!

(Flickr, all rights reserved)

Shorter Tzipi Livni: “I don’t care how much it costs — find me the person who  salvaged Brit Brit’s image and get them on the payroll ASAP!”

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One thought on “I Think We Have An Emergency

  1. Livni on various political talk programs seems to be using the “stop hitting yourself” form of rhetorical persuasion, essentially saying to Hamas, “YOU did this, YOU have brought it on yourselves, YOU are putting Gazans’ lives in danger, YOU YOU YOU.” Like the schoolyard bully who grasps the arm of the weaker, smaller child and proceeds to force the child to slap his own face and blame him for it, Israel sits in consternation at Hamas’ abilities to climb into IDF warplanes and fire high-yield missiles into their own facilities.

    The only saving grace in this theatre of bloody politics is that we don’t have to endure downhome, folksy wisdom in the vein of Bush and Palin (those gosh darn terrists won’t stop firin’ those gee whiz rockets! *wink*).


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