PSA: Vote for Joey Shithead!

by matttbastard

Via Frank Frink:

As you may or may not be aware, it’s the province of British Columbia’s 150th birthday! The Vancouver Sun newspaper has conducted an online poll and produced a list of B.C.’s 150 most influential people of all time. By reader’s choice, Canada’s punk rock godfather Joey Shithead Keithley has been voted onto the list.

Now we are asking you to kick it up a notch and vote Joe into B.C.’s top 10. The voting is open till December 22nd 2008. Imagine the look on the faces of those fat cats like the publisher of the Vancouver Sun if Joe got in there. A punk rocker making history in B.C… the world has changed.

Here’s how to vote:
Click on the link below and select Joey Keithley from the list. Then hit submit. That’s it.

Vote once, vote often… there are many fine candidates (some evil ones too)!

  • It’s B.C.’s 150th Anniversary!
  • Joey Keithley of D.O.A. voted in as one of B.C.’s most influential citizens
  • Vote Joe into the top 10
  • Voting ends December 22nd

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