Dear Toronto Star

What will those crazy kooky kids think of next?  Smoking cigarettes? Having sex?

April Fool’s Day is just over 4 months away. I’ll charitably assume someone merely jumped the gun with this hyperventilating get-off-my-lawn pearl-clutcher about the “new culture of intoxication”, and isn’t sincerely peddling the notion that getting pissed at home prior to going out on the town is in anyway a ‘new phenomenon’. Still, just to be safe, I’d recommend ordering a Breathalyzer test and having security check his or her desk for funny smelling beverage containers–I mean, there has to be some explanation as to why anyone would purposely greenlight poorly-reasoned alarmist tripe like this.

Besottedly yours,


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4 thoughts on “Dear Toronto Star

  1. Y’know something, mattt? I think that we should srsly consider doing an expose of the CAMH.

    They do trash science, in my view, and yet they are given real control over real people’s lives.

    I’d like to see them examined by some serious thinkers in a serious forum sometime. I doubt that they can justify almost anything they do intellectually.


  2. This was actually covered as news on CBC Radio this morning. I was too sleepy to be outraged by the stupidity of it all.

    Like this: act of drinking alcohol before you go out to the club to maximize your fun at the club while spending the least amount on extremely overpriced alcoholic beverages.

    Sounds perfectly logical to me and certainly the way we partied when I was younger. We wouldn’t hit the clubs until 11:00 or 12:00 at the earliest.

    I agree that it’s trash science skdadl. But worse, it seems like more public health manipulation that plays into the hands of MADD and like minded groups who are just out to call prohibition on alcohol, especially with respect to young adults.


  3. Of all the universities, I can’t believe I’m hearing a UWO researcher say that this is a “new” phenomenon . I went there and was pre-drinking in 97 haha


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