by matttbastard

Ok. I’ve gone on a bit lately about the recent 90s retro trend in political discourse. And I don’t want to seem like I’m trying to be a trendsetter or ‘thought leader’ or or something by obsessing over this apparent (perhaps self-imposed and projected) pattern. But c’mon — Western separatists and senate reform? The Tories are really channeling their Manning-era Reform ancestry atm.

Of course, when journos like David Aiken use their valuable inches to name-drop Pierre Trudeau and Barack Obama (in that order) while discussing the suddenly novel (and enigmatic!) technically-interim Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, you can sense that cut and paste mash-up politics (ie, wrapping up a successful formula in an unfamiliar package) are all the rage in the newly engaged Canadian political landscape.

(As a parenthetical aside, dontcha love how Gormley breaks out the Jack Layton = “reckless socialist” talking point without even bothering to dress it up in careful equivocation?)

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One thought on “Seriously?

  1. Great post mattt.

    Akin and the Liberal brain trust don’t seem to understand that Ignatieff is not at all appealing to a large swath of Canadians, from left to right, and from coast to coast to coast.

    I know you can’t measure the merit, or lack of, by the monikers we give to politicians but some of the ones I’ve been hearing seem to have traction:

    Icky, The Mortician, The Count

    Personally, I like The Eel based on Laxer’s comment about Ignatieff being so slippery.


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